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  • Defictionalization:
    • The Instant Infant display became a real cardboard stand up released in 2003, no actual baby, just a cardboard stand up.
    • Marty Jr's hat became an actual piece of merchandise.
    • In 2008, Nike released 1000 pairs of (rather pricey) "Air McFly/Nike Mag" sneakers. And in 2011, they released 1500 more. The '11 versions light up. But, neither version self-laces, though.
    • In 2010, Nike patented the self tightening shoes Marty wears in 2015. They actually came on the market in the real-life year of 2015, with the first pair going to Michael J. Fox. And it is awesome.
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    • After a hoax in 2013 made the idea seem too good to be true, a KickStarter project has presented the world with the first real hoverboard.
    • In 2015 Lexus released a youtube video of a functioning, superconductor-based hoverboard. It does really hover but it only works on the specially built skatepark that has magnetic rails buried under the concrete. It took the pro-skaters in the video 6 months to get even remotely proficient at using it and it's not gonna be on the market.
    • In honor of the 30th Anniversary of the franchise itself, Universal released a trailer for "Jaws 19". Also, Pepsi announced the release of Pepsi Perfect.
    • The Chicago Cubs made the 2015 Major League Baseball playoffs, but were swept by the the New York Mets in the National League Championship Series on October 21, 2015. They did, however, win the World Series the next year.
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    • There's a real life version of Mr. Fusion, but it's merely a prop replica.
    • On the real October 22, 2015, USA Today released its print edition with the front page from the film. The headline about Queen Diana was replaced with one about 3D billboard, but the rest of the film's headlines were retained. Among the new headlines to cover up for what wasn't seen on screen, one has three in-jokes (Robert Zemeckis wants to adapt George's book, which already had a version in 1989, and hopes to get Christopher Lloyd as the star), and another says the audience is gullible enough to believe "a USA Today copy with fictional articles and studies, many of them inspired by Back to the Future Part II".
  • Deleted Scene: Concerning 1985-A:
    • Old Biff in 2015 gets into an argument with the elderly Terry, the mechanic who fixed Biff's car in 1955 and asked Marty for a donation, who specifically mentions November 12, 1955. This would've explained how Biff picked that date to time-travel.
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    • After returning to 2015 from 1955, Biff not only walks away in inexplicable pain, but falls to the ground and vanishes.
    • Marty encounters Hill Valley High School, burnt down and fenced off from the rest of the town.
    • Marty meets his brother Dave, now an alcoholic bum. Had Wendi Jo Sperber, who played Linda, not been pregnant at the time of filming, Marty would have met her as a prostitute.
  • Fan Nickname: "Hell Valley" for the alternate 1985. Named for the knocked over Hill Valley sign with the "I" spray painted into an "E". The Production Nickname was "Biffhorrific 1985"
  • Life Imitates Art:
    • Sorta. Miami didn't have a pro baseball team when the film was made; they do now. However, it's not in the right league. The Marlins and the Cubs are both in the National League, so they could never compete in the World Series against each other. Plus, the Miami team in the movie had a gator logo, which doesn't fit either Miami's (Marlins) or Tampa Bay's (Rays) teams.
      • There was actually a chance of this happening. Before 2013, the National League had 16 teams while the American League only had 14. MLB wanted to move a team from the NL to the AL to have each league with 15 teams, and the Marlins were one of the candidates to move leagues (with not-insignificant support by fans just because of this movie, no less!) Ultimately averted, though - the Houston Astros were picked to move.
      • The Cubs made a surprise run deep into the 2015 MLB playoffs, only to be eliminated by the Mets. In a sweep. On October 21st.
      • As for the World Series win, turns out the movie was only a year off: the Cubs won it all in 2016. (see Word of God below)
    • In a much more subtle example, the Elijah Wood kid complaining about having to use your hands on the arcade machine. Guess what Microsoft made recently that brought about hands-free gaming...
    • Movie-2015 has blockbuster 3-D movies. Guess what started becoming popular again in the real-world 2010s? Although they're not holographic 3-D movies.
    • The woman at the curio shop mentions that the sports almanac is from the days where books were still made with paper. Is everyone in 2015 running around with Kindles or Nooks?
    • A poster in the back-alley advertises "SURF VIETNAM". This was a gag, at the time, but it is now possible to go on vacation in Vietnam, which actively courts foreign tourists.
    • The frustration over people using electronic devices during meals, particularly among children.
    • In particular, mobile devices that allow you to stream TV shows and movies while not being in a room with a TV is common with laptops and smart phones, though no one has begun to use VR for it at all.
    • Widescreen TVs became standard by The New '10s.
    • A background gag has a dog being walked by a flying drone. Such drones are now ubiquitous, although no one has tried walking their dog with one yet.
    • Not precisely how things turned out, but when Marty Jr. comes home and watches TV, he somehow manages to watch six channels at once. How many tabs are open in your browser right now? Although if you have U-Verse cable service, multi-view is an option. Sure it's more just for scrolling through your channels faster but all the programs are simultaneous. Close enough.
    • It should be noted that most of these predictions were made as jokes by the production team, but ended up somewhat of a prediction by the real 2015.
  • Prop Recycling: All of the futuristic cars were recycled from other films.
  • Quote Source;
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: The concept of an altered "bad present" where George McFly was murdered came about due to Crispin Glover's refusal to take part in the sequel. In spite of this, Robert Zemeckis cited II as his favorite of all the films he's made (and certainly the strangest).
  • Recycled Set: The opening flying-through-the-clouds shots were originally filmed for the Clint Eastwood movie Firefox. Justified in that the movie is depicting Downtown Hill Valley in different time periods.
  • Refitted for Sequel: As Marty tries to sneak by the car with his other self and Lorraine, he hears Lorraine say "When I have kids, I'm going to let them do anything they want. Anything at all!", to which his other self says "I'd like to have that in writing...", which was originally part of that scene in the first film.
    • The "Mister Sandman" Sequence in the original movie was almost the "Papa Loves Mambo Sequence", because the producers considered using "Papa Loves Mambo" by Perry Como before deciding on "Mister Sandman" instead. In Part II, it turns up on Biff's radio while driving to the dance.
  • Shoot the Money: The film showcased newly-developed technology that allowed the cast to play past/present/future counterparts of their characters.
  • Shrug of God: Bob Gale admitted in the DVD Commentary that he has no idea what "lithium mode" is, and he doesn't know what illicit activities Future!Marty was getting into with the card scan.
  • Technology Marches On:
    • The film not only predicted something like today's heavily inter-connected and information-driven society, but assumed it would be based around the fax machine, not the computer. It also assumed that, by 2015, Japan's economy would have completely overtaken America's. It wasn't such an odd concept at the time; Japan was (and still is) a major worldwide provider of technology and electronics. Even so, it comes across as fairly quaint.
    • The LaserDisc format will have just gone out of style in 2015.
    • Deliberately over-the-top portrayals of the future might have us wanting our hoverboards and flying cars despite the obvious impracticality of the latter and the physics-bending of both in-universe, but the lack of mobile phones and internet (in favor of landline videophones and fax machines) is jarring in the real 2015.
  • Throw It In!: The scene where Jennifer jumps when future Marty's Japanese boss yells at him was real. The actress really didn't expect it to be so loud.
  • Trope Namer: Nobody Calls Me "Chicken"!
  • What Could Have Been:
    • According to Bob Gale, ideas proposed for Part II included a visit to Doc's family (with Christopher Lloyd playing his mother), and going to the days of Prohibition when Biff's ancestor was a bootlegger. The last bit was retaken for the first episode of the video game. And yes, Bob Gale worked on it.
    • The sequel originally had Doc and Marty going back to the '60s after Biff's interference and seeing Marty's parents as pseudo-hippies, and part of his goal would have been to ensure that he is conceived. About mid-way through writing this part, they realized that there was nothing really stopping them from revisiting the events of the first movie. In that version, George was already dead in 2015 (and it was NOT 2015-A). It was mentioned that, at some undisclosed moment, George's life had been saved at a hospital that had previously survived an attempt from the town to demolish it. In the timeline where Biff became wealthy, the hospital had been demolished. You can read about this version and its associated tropes on this very Wiki.
    • The sequel was originally a deconstruction of the first movie. Future Marty is a wreck because he's addicted to taking chances and trying to cheat his way to fortune. When the present day Marty discovers that he will turn out poor, he decides to secure his own financial future by buying the Sports Almanac. Even after seeing what kind of damage careless time travel can do in 1985-A, Marty still finds it hard to let go of the Almanac. Ultimately, the lesson he learns is that the best way to get a good future is to live a good life. Major parts of the story remain in the final movie, but the Aesop got muddled in rewrites.
    • There is an entire subplot missing from the 1955 segment, which explains the problems with the time circuits which lead to Doc getting sent back to 1885. Originally Doc ran into farmer Peabody and a policeman who were looking for the "UFO" that crashed into Peabody's barn and killed his pine. Later on Peabody sees the DeLorean flying by, and shoots at it with his rifle, hitting its underside and damaging the time circuits. In the finished movie this was changed so that the problem was actually caused by old Biff hitting the console with the head of his cane as he's getting out of the DeLorean. Doc makes an attempt to fix it, but the problem reoccurs after he accidentally hits the line of pennants on top of the Lyon Estates sign as he's flying off. According to Word of God the story was changed because they were (for some unknown reason) unable to shoot at the Lyon Estates sign set during the day. This is also why Marty gets stuck in Biff's garage for 12 hours.
  • Word of God: The official Back to the Future Twitter account explained that the discrepancy of the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series a year early was due to the film's version of 2015 being in a universe where the 1994 baseball strike never occurred.
  • Working Title: The film was shot as "Paradox".


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