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Trivia / Babylon Five S 03 E 05 Voices Of Authority

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  • Tuckerization: Julie Musante is named after two fans, Julie Helmer and Mark Musante.
  • Throw It In!: Zach's complaints about his uniform were taken directly from Jeff Conaway's own complaints about his costume. That it serves as a Literal Metaphor for Zach not knowing where he fits in the scheme of things and is uncomfortable no matter what he does (ironically) fits in right well with the narrative.
  • Word of God: According to JMS, while there's no literal translation to The Walkers' response "Vorlons Tavutna Chog!" as there are no words to translate into, the statement roughly translates into "The Vorlons can kiss my ass!"
    • As Marcus pointed out, the Ancient Races don't think like we do.

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