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  • Absentee Actor/Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Basically all of the characters and/or actors from the first are nowhere to be found in any of the sequels, with only the twins who played Sly and Whit returning to play a new character in the 2nd movie, Kahuna. Insert "Can You Blame Them?" joke here. Sly, Whit, and their father, though, do also get briefly mentioned in the 2nd movie.
  • Author Existence Failure: Bob Clark died in a car accident in 2007, leaving a third installment in Development Hell; Director Sean McNamara eventually stepped in to continue the Direct-to-Video sequels.
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  • Creator Killer: Bob Clark's directorial career nosedived as he continued the franchise.
  • Dawson Casting: In the third movie, the babies are played by toddlers old enough to walk by themselves without CGI.
    • In the second one, Zack, who's supposed to be a high-school aged teenager, was played by then 21-year old Justin Chatwin.
  • International Coproduction: Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 was a collaboration between companies in Germany, the UK, and the US.
  • Making Use of the Twin: Sly and Whit are actually played by triplets Leo, Myles, and Gerry Fitzgerald.
  • Star-Derailing Role: The first film is often blamed for contributing to the decline of Christopher Lloyd's and Kathleen Turner's onscreen acting careers. The second one did the same to Jon Voight.


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