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  • Ascended Fanon: Ask Axe Cop is all about taking any suggestion-veiled-as-a-question from fans and running wild with it.
  • Big Name Fan:
    • After receiving numerous Twitter messages about it, Simon Pegg read Axe Cop and liked what he saw. He went on to recommend it himself on his own Twitter, as did some cast members from MST3K.
    • The Ben 10 crew are fans too, and sent Malachai a signed Ben 10 poster as a birthday gift (he's a fan). Very awesome.
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    • A staff member from The IT Crowd asked for a copy of the CHOP poster to place on the set.
    • Rich Werner, creator of Plants vs. Zombies, provided a rendering of Zombies Vs. Plants for Ask Axe Cop #53. And of course, both Ethan and Malachai are fans of Plants vs. Zombies.
    • During an an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit with Ethan and Malacai, Snoop Dogg showed up and expressed interest in guest-starring on the TV show.
  • Channel Hop: From Fox to FXX as part of the entire ADHD block.
  • The Danza:
    • On the Fox animated series, Todd Barry's ubiquitous clerk character is named Todd in the episode "The Rabbit Who Broke All the Rules".
    • In the episode "When Night Creatures Attack", the Sun Thieves are played by Killing Them Softly actors Ben Mendelsohn and Scoot Mc Nairy, and in the end they accidentally reveal each other's names as Ben and Scoot.
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  • Fanwork Ban: Ethan has requested that Axe Cop be the exception to Rule 34 in order to preserve the innocence of Malachai's creations.
  • Old Shame: Egoraptor shows displeasure working on the show back in his heyday, calling it a miserable experience.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Subverted (in Real Life), as seen here. "Well I just spent a month with Malachai writing "Axe Cop VS. Al Qaeda" for nothing!" [Lots of people suggest they go ahead with it anyway, in spite of Osama bin Laden's just having been killed.] "Okay, I was kidding."
    • Annotations on comics, appendices in the book collections, and discussions on the "Chop!" podcasts reveal planned ideas that didn't make it into the finished comics. Some of these ideas are Refitted for later comics or even the TV show, since Ethan worked with the writing team, and Malachai was consulted on the occasional teleconference with them. (Zombie Island would have been just a regular island until Malachai said that it should be in space, and so the animators had to partially redo the episode.)
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  • Word of Saint Paul: The entire comic can be considered this, as the artwork is Ethan's interpretation of Malachai's universe. Ethan has mentioned in interviews how often he learns afterward what he draws fails to match what the young Malachai envisioned due to either being too vague or having difficulty expressing his ideas.


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