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Trivia / Avengers: No Surrender

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  • Name's the Same: Almost, concerning Voyager, whose real name is Valerie Vector. A lot of fans have suggested that that's pretty similar to Valeria Victor - as in Valeria Richards and her Godfather and "Uncle" Victor von Doom - and that she may actually be a time displaced Valeria. Voyager is actually the Grandmaster’s daughter.
  • Out of Order: The last five issues were released after The Mighty Thor #705, but are clearly set before it... because Thor dies in that issue.
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  • Throw It In: Per the editorial pages, both "Mentacle" and "pyramoid" were silly placeholder names that were eventually retained because the team decided to embrace it.
  • What Could Have Been: According to the editorial page in issue 687, Voyager was originally going to be called Legacy.