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Trivia / Avengers: No Surrender

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  • Jossed: During an interview talking about the story, editor Tom Brevoot already dismissed the idea of Voyager actually being Kobik. However, some people are already calling Lying Creator due to how Secret Empire ended. Part 11 actually mentioned how many people suggested Valeria Richards, Kobik, Ayesha/Her and Jarvis before her real identity was revealed.
  • Name's the Same: Almost, concerning Voyager, whose real name is Valerie Vector. A lot of fans have suggested that that's pretty similar to Valeria Victor - as in Valeria Richards and her Godfather and "Uncle" Victor von Doom - and that she may actually be a time displaced Valeria.
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  • Out of Order: The last five issues were released after The Mighty Thor #705, but are clearly set before it... because Thor dies in that issue.
  • Throw It In!: Per the editorial pages, both "Mentacle" and "pyramoid" were silly placeholder names that were eventually retained because the team decided to embrace it.
  • What Could Have Been: According to the editorial page in issue 687, Voyager was originally going to be called Legacy.


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