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Avalon, the film

  • Bad Export for You: For those familiar with the original Japanese DVD release (widely available in import shops for several years before the North American DVD release), the Region 1 release is a trainwreck, with dubbing, subtitles and unnecessary narration that introduce plot changes and generally make the film unwatchable in that form.
  • Playing Against Type: The lead actress up to that point specialised in soap operas. Needless to say, she was quite surprised when someone asked her to run around in a badass longcoat.
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  • A reviewer for one (now-defunct) games magazine complained that Avalon is boring and doesn't show how shooters really function (ie. doesn't include rocket jumps and other moves from Quake). Mamoru Oshii actually based the Avalon game on Wizardry (as is apparent from the classes the characters play as), which was massively popular in Japan.

Avalon, the webcomic

  • Creator Breakdown: The webcomic suffered from this more and more as the author went through progressively worse states of depression not long after being launched. The planned four-year series lasted much longer due to month-long hiatuses. After a year of not-updating, the author gave up and the ending was written out instead of drawn.


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