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  • Black Sheep Hit: A drastically edited (4 minutes out of 22) version of the title track was the band's only hit on the US charts.
  • Breakthrough Hit: The album and its title track established Kraftwerk as a major act internationally.
  • Completely Different Title: Japanese
    • Kometenmelodie 1 and 2 -> 大彗星(鼓動 and 軌道)(Large Comet, Beating and Orbiting)
    • Mitternacht -> 深夜そして姿なき足跡 (Traces of Footprints on Midnight)
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  • Referenced by...: The Fake Band Autobahn in The Big Lebowski, an Affectionate Parody of Kraftwerk, takes its name from this album. One album of theirs that is shown in the film shows them even dressed in the same outfits Kraftwerk wore on the cover of The Man-Machine.

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