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Trivia / Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

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  • Actor-Inspired Element: Oz's grimy underpants actually belonged to Kevin Whately. He was washing his car with them at the set and producers thought that they would be perfect for Oz.
  • Actor-Shared Background: Jimmy Nail had done a spell of manual work in Germany himself, before filming the series.
  • California Doubling: Many of the scenes shown in the second series set in Newcastle, Wolverhampton, Derbyshire and even one in Spain were in fact filmed in Nottingham.
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  • The Cast Showoff: Jimmy Nail, a former nightclub singer, was given a chance to display his singing in the second series.
  • The Character Died with Him:
    • Gary Holton (Wayne) died of a drug overdose during filming of the second series; he had filmed all of his outdoor scenes but had to be written out of some of the indoor scenes (generally by having a character remark that he was out with a girl). He was replaced in the remaining series by Noel Clarke as Wayne's illegitimate son, Wyman. The final episode of Series 2 opens with a spoken dedication to Holton's memory by Tim Healy.
    • Pat Roach (Bomber) was terminally ill when shooting began for the 2004 Christmas specials, and died that July. In the series, Bomber is said to have retired, and the other six raise a glass in his honour during a restaurant scene, toasting, "To Bomber!" A dedication to Roach's memory appears at the end of the final episode.
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  • Executive Meddling: According to early scripts, the second series was supposed to end with Oz winning the Spanish lottery. But ITV wanted the ending changed to one that was more dramatic like the hut burning down in series one.
  • Inspiration for the Work: Franc Roddam got the idea for the show after he returned to his Teeside home to find that many of his friends were working abroad on German building sites.
  • Real-Life Relative: Some of the actors' families also starred in the series. Tim Healy's wife Denise Welch appeared as Jean, the new resident of Oz's flat. Kevin Whately (Neville) starred with his daughter Catherine Whately, who played his on-screen daughter Debbie in the second series, and with his wife Madelaine Newton, who played Dennis' girlfriend Christine Chadwick. Jimmy Nail's son Thomas Bradford-Jones also has a small part as Sir James and Celestia Palmer's son Henry in series two, as did his sister Val Mc Lane who played Dennis' sister Norma.
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  • Wag the Director: There was no love lost between executive producer Allan McKeown and Jimmy Nail. McKeown said that Nail was a 'nightmare' to work with during the second series and that Nail suddenly thought he knew everything there is to know about filming and would often demand his lines be changed and would tell the director how to film a scene. McKeown confessed that during the filming of the second series, he thought Jimmy Nail was an "a***hole". The pair haven't spoken to each other since 1985.
  • What Could Have Been: A third series set in Russia was planned during the 1980s, but was cancelled due to Gary Holton's death. This premise was briefly used at the beginning of season four.


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