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Trivia / Attack No. 1

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  • Missing Episode: In the Italian and German dubs, three episodes were not translated due to "inappropiate content". These however are included as bonus on the German DVD sets.
  • Name's the Same:
    • A curious case of Dub Name Change of the Italian and German dubs. In the German dub, Kozue is known as Mila, while in Italy is Mimi; however, the name of Mila is also used in Italy, but for You Hazuki, the heroine of Attacker You!, another volleyball anime that the Italian dub had linked to Attack No. 1 by stating their versions of Kozue and You were cousins.
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    • An inverted case happened with Attack On Tomorrow, whose main character was named Mimi in Japanese, yet the Italian dub didn't bother to change it to avoid confusions with the Mimi from Attack No. 1.
  • No Export for You: The series never got released on DVD in the US. Contrast this with Germany and Spain, where all the episodes got released (and in Germany, the first set even replaced after complaints about the video quality).


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