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  • Lost Episode: The original blog for Malachi X was deleted — and the accompanying videos unlisted — after DeathlyLogic decided to make the series undergo a Time Skip (so that the story could focus on a cocky, confident Malachi working magic and recounting tales of his badass exploits, instead of an unpowered, amnesiac Risen bumbling around trying to re-discover his identity). The earlier videos and blog entries are still canon, and some of them can still found through DL's personal blog under the "Malachi X" tag (as can the entries of the deleted blog).
    • This also necessitated a reboot of Bard of the Black Violin's plot, seeing as the two blogs were so interconnected. One or two of the original posts from Bard of the Black Violin were saved by Penthepoet (the series creator).
    • The entire vlog portion of Malachi X (with the exception of Malachi's heist playlist) was deleted in March 2018. DeathlyLogic explained that he didn't want to put his face on the character (as he didn't want to be the "face" of Legacy), and was uncomfortable playing
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    • Tales of the Destrus, a short-lived blog from Type0Negative, was deleted after posting a single entry. Unfortunately, no one saved or reblogged said entry, and it was lost.
    • Due to DeathlyLogic's personal "rebranding" (which resulted in the deletion of his Tumblr blog), many of the early Legacy one-shots were lost.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Penthepoet counts as one, having been a huge fan of the Arknthology before eventually becoming one of the main co-creators of Arkn: Legacy.
  • Xtreme Kool Letterz: Word of God says that the original (or alternate) title, “Arkn X”, is supposed to mean “Arkn II” (with the X representing crossed Roman numeral ones).

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