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Trivia / Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest

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  • Dueling Works: Let's see: an average Japanese male is summoned to another world alongside several others to fight demons. He's given a seemingly weaker power in comparison to his peers, is betrayed in circumstances related to a girl, and is forced to become a darker person to survive because of it. It's only after this that the main character gets stronger, even surpassing his peers, and gains a harem of female traveling companions (at least one of whom's a short blonde) to willingly follow him. One of his companions is a part-animal humanoid (a 'Demi-Human' girl with animal ears) that locals discriminate against. And one of the last major enemies (after dealing with insane members of the group they were summoned with and a corrupt pope) is a evil deity. Sound remotely familiar?

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