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Trivia / Another Cinema Snob Movie

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  • The Other Darrin: In the first film, Neil was played by Jake Norvell. Here he is played by Rob Walker, Brad and Jake having broken off their partnership due to personal reasons years prior. This is lampshaded in the film itself, and may be the reason why the character is portrayed as a complete dick throughout the whole film.
  • Production Posse: Brad largely re-assembled his crew from Jesus, Bro! and past productions, including director Ryan Mitchelle, cinematographer AJ Young and composer Michael Schiciano. Additionally, most of the Channel Awesome crew (the Walkers, Tamara Chambers, Malcolm Ray) previously appeared in Jesus, Bro!, while Doug Walker and Laura Luke-Jones previously appeared in DISCO. However, most "Team Snob" veterans aside from Mitchelle (Sarah Gobble, Dave Gobble, Brian Irving, Brian Lewis) are notably absent this time around, aside from a brief cameo from Dave as a clown.
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  • Sequel Gap: Released around 7 years after the original The Cinema Snob Movie, though characters from the two films did appear on the show during the intervening years.
  • Word of God: A fan on Tumblr asked Brad where the film fits in The Cinema Snob's timeline, considering he's been into space twice, or if he's keeping it a secret from Neil. Brad's response:
    This is a good question. I guess he may have drawn from his space experiences to write the fake Cinema Snob Movie in Another Cinema Snob Movie.
  • You Look Familiar: Zach LaVoy, Ryan Mitchelle and Dave Gobble appear in cameos as new characters following their larger roles in the first film. Somewhat subverted in the cases of LaVoy and Mitchelle, however, as they play the counterparts of their first-film characters in Craig's in-universe The Cinema Snob Movie (though Mitchelle also plays a separate clown character).