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  • Cash Cow Franchise: Animal Jam, despite being less than a decade old, is WildWorks' most famous video game, which resulted in them focusing on the game the most, rewarding it with ads with Detail Hogging Covers, The Merch, and a huge load of regular updates and community stuff, and hiding their other games in a dark corner. They even don't mention their non-Animal Jam games on their official website.note 
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  • Cowboy Be Bop At His Computer: Sometimes, people who have little knowledge about Animal Jam think that the game was created by National Geographic. Actually, WildWorks created the game with National Geographic supporting.
  • Executive Meddling: Attempting to improve the game and keep carrying it on, WildWorks started using Detail-Hogging covers, increasing merchandise production, adding new things all the time, trying to get people to give money by making many things "members-only", and using any creative idea possible. This resulted in some players thinking WildWorks were too greedy over just one game.
  • Fan Community Nickname: Players of Animal Jam are known as "jammers". WildWorks coined this nickname.
  • Follow the Leader: Some mini-games are pretty much following the style of very well-known games:
    • Hedge Hog - Pac-Man
    • Swoopy Eagle - Flappy Bird
    • Fast Foodies - Diner Dashnote 
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    • Eat 'Em Up' - Feeding Frenzy
    • Sky High - Doodle Jump
    • Fruit Slinger - Angry Birds
    • On the topic of mobile games, Animal Jam Jump is styled after Doodle Jump and Dash Tag is styled after Subway Surfers
  • Late Export for You: The Animal Jam apps were launched in either Canada or Australia months before they made a world-wide release. During that time, people outside those areas got access early by setting their Apple ID locations to those countries.
  • The Merch: Animal Jam has a Mount-Everest-sized pile of various merchandise, including school supplies, T-shirts, and jewelry, plush, certificates for membership and online currency, figurines, playsets, a licensed guidebook, pajamas, stationary set, costumes, Novelization, Comic-Book Adaptation, and even its own magazine.
    • There's also an "Animal Jam Box", a subscription box system in a box filled with themed merchandise are sent to people's homes on a monthly basis.
    • Thanks to its Cash Cow Franchise status, it looks like Animal Jam's gonna cover every sort of product they could slap the colorful animals on. So, please don't add any more merch to the exhaustive list.
  • Similarly Named Works: Animal Jam is also a name of a song from Cats Don't Dance and a The Jim Henson Company puppet TV show. In fact, the latter only gained notice because of the players of the video game stumbling upon it.
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  • Unisex Series, Gendered Merchandise: Animal Jam is for both genders, but most of the merchandise, especially costumes and stationary sets, are aimed to animal-loving girls, often with Pink Product Ploy.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda:
    • There used to be a rumor that if enough animals jumped on the ice patch in the middle of Mt. Shiveer, it would break and everyone who participated would go to a secret room and win something glorious, such as free membership and a mountain of gems, similar to the ice tipping rumor in Club Penguin. While it's true that the ice looks more and more broken the more players stand on it, the ice doesn't actually break entirely. There was also a similar rumor for the bridge in Coral Canyon.
    • Now for some Paranoia Fuel. A rumor spread that a player, fman122, hacked naive players by sending "gifts" by Jam-a-grams to random victims. It's likely this is false.
    • There's also the 3:00 AM ghost users rumor.note 
    • When the Diamond Shop opened and diamonds were introduced, a rumor spread that anyone who turns all white and jumps on one of the diamonds on the floor of the Diamond Shop, they'll win 100 diamonds. This phased out, as many players tried and failed.

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