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  • Actor-Shared Background: Angie is biracial (with a black father and a white mother) like Rashida Jones. In fact, Angie's parents are played by Rashida's parents (see below).
  • California Doubling: Mocked throughout the third season.
    • In one episode, Tribeca and Geils travel to Miami with the trip being prefaced by the title sequence displaying "Angie Tribeca: Miami". The trip lasts for all of thirty seconds and takes place on a generic suburban street that could exist anywhere in the US before the two detectives decide to go back to Los Angeles, necessitating in the regular title sequence playing again in its entirety.
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    • Beautifully done when the gang travel to "New Orleans," the police station is quite obviously the exact same set with just some beads, Saints posters and other "Southern" bits. Also, the captain is an absolute dead ringer for Atkins with a bad Southern accent.
    • Happens again when they go to "New York" and the station set now has NYC items like a Statue of Liberty mock-up, Yankees flags and a captain whose a dead ringer for Atkins with red hair and an Irish accent.
  • Cast the Expert: An episode involving ventriloquist murders? Bring in Jeff Dunham and Walter!
  • Dawson Casting:
    • Parodied in Season 4, in which Bobby Cannavale plays the now 23 year-old A.J. Geils. Cannavale is actually a few years older than Rashida Jones, his on-screen mother.
    • In his budding onscreen romance with Maria Charo (played by 25 year-old Kiersey Clemons), A.J. is worried about their age difference - he is 23 and she is 24.
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  • Playing Gertrude: In Season 4, after a 20-year Time Skip, Angie Tribeca (and indeed, all of the returning cast) looks exactly the same, while her son A.J. is now all grown up.
  • Real-Life Relative: Rashida Jones' mother, Peggy Lipton, makes a brief appearance as Angie's mother.
  • What Could Have Been: Quincy Jones, uber-composer and Rashida's father, was supposed to make an appearance as Angie's father in Season 2. He ended up not appearing as expected and the role was played by Ernie Hudson in Season 3.

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