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Trivia / Angel Coulby

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  • Ability over Appearance: Given the time-period and the fact that Guinevere means "white" or "fair one", there were some raised eyebrows over Angel getting the part of the medieval queen. The producers said that they had looked at hundreds of potential Guineveres, but Angel was the only one that could nail the quirky, clumsy servant girl, but also "bring the queen" when the occasion called for it.
  • Billing Displacement: She was practically the face of publicity for Dancing on the Edge by doing plenty of interviews and having her image on most of the advertising, but she's more of a supporting character in the drama itself.
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  • The Cast Showoff: A cross-show example considering many of her Merlin co-stars would mention her strong singing voice, though it was not until Dancing on the Edge that she was able to demonstrate just how talented she really was.
  • I Am Not Spock: Angel indirectly referenced this trope in an interview to publicize Dancing on the Edge in which she voiced her pleasure that the miniseries aired so soon after Merlin had finished. Having worked on the minseries in the hiatus between seasons four and five of the show, her appearance as a jazz singer so quickly on the heels of Merlin immediately dislodged the image people had of her as Guinevere.
  • Star-Making Role: It was not five years as Guinevere on Merlin that got her the most attention, but her Small Role, Big Impact role on Dancing on the Edge in which she was able to show off her singing talent and was used extensively in publicity.
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  • Those Two Actors: She has turned up in a startling number of works with Anthony Head.

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