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Trivia / And Shine Heaven Now

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  • What Could Have Been: The "Storylines that Weren't"
    • How Reseda Met Helena: Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Never got past the concept and the idea of drawing all those Pimped Out Dresses was too daunting.
    • Madeline and Friends: Madeline's adventures in the Holy League. Never got past a cast of characters (Madeline, Pepito, and a Muslim girl codenamed Mitraille).
    • Catholintegra: Enrico finds an I-Jin of Gregor Mendel and tries to create a Catholic version of Integra. Dropped cause Caterina Sforza of Trinity Blood made a good Catholic Integra already, so it was retconned into an Iscariot in the far future being more successful in creating Catholintegra than Enrico was.
    • Let The Flames Begin: A Mirror Universe where instead of fangirls invading, flamers do.
    • Everything's Better With Yuri: A Gender Flip of Pip.
    • A Proper Lupin III Adventure: Hellsing is recruited to stop Lupin III from stealing the Crown Jewels.
    • Hellsing Heir Auditions: Integra seeks out someone to adopt as her heir. Dropped when the Grand Finale of Hellsing reveals that the head of Hellsing will be a government-appointed position from now on, starting with Penwood's grandson.
    • The Adventure of the Chinatown Pet Shop: Sherlock Holmes meets Pet Shop of Horrors.
    • Integra's Inferno: Integra does Dante's Inferno. Erin never worked out what she'd be searching for.
    • '99 cameos: Pippi Longstocking, Saint Tail, Scooby-Doo and the gang, and Ms. Frizzle's (now college aged) class were considered for cameos.