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  • Fan Nickname: It's not uncommon for players to use shorthand abbreviations for items, professions, stats, etc. A full list can be found here.
    • Some of the nicknames for AO that have popped up over the years include Aimed Shot Online (due to a commonly used special attack), Alpha Online (due to the most common method of PVP combat—using Alpha Strikes), Arithmetic Online (due to the amount of number crunching involved in tweaking characters), Atrox Online (due to the unisex race available that's good at a number of professions), and Adventurer Online (due to the power of the Adventurer profession).
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    • Some players also use nicknames for other things, like Mitaar Hero for The Alien Threat, a high-level quest which has colored platforms that players need to traverse onto.
  • Name's the Same: World of Warcraft announces their expansion titled "Shadowlands", years after Anarchy Online has released theirs.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: When they introduced hoverboards and hoverbikes, the developers ran a contest to give them a brand name. The winning name was Phasefront, and the boards/bikes got a ghost theme in their names along with it.
  • Vapor Ware: according to the original strategy guide there was originally going to be a LOT of playfields that were never activated (most of them are to the west of the existing zones) including another Clan city named Sparta. There are still some bits of content in game that hint at this, such as a seemingly perfectly good exit in with a road leading to the west that is nontheless blocked by an Invisible Wall. They did add one such playfield (The Reck) back in 2015, but its pretty unlikely they will ever add all or even most of them.
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  • The Wiki Rule: The Anarchy Online Wiki and Anarchy Online Knowledge Base.

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