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Trivia / Among the Sleep

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  • Acting for Two: Roger L Jackson voices Teddy and the toddler's father.
  • Jossed:
    • Various Let's Play shows (notably Markiplier) predicted Teddy would betray them by the end. However, it's not that sort of game.
    • A large amount of players interpreted the Trenchcoat monster as representing the child's father who is trying to get custody of them, but the enhanced edition of the game clarifies that the monster is actually representative of another facet of the mother, the same as the other monsters.
  • What Could Have Been: The enhanced edition of the game includes a bonus level showcasing the game's development. It shows that, among other things:
    • Teddy was at one point conceptualized to actually help the toddler fight the other creatures, such as being able to breathe fire using a dragon mask you could collect.
    • Several more areas were planned to be traversed in a more epic, adventure-game style story, such as a forest, meadow, caverns, a dollhouse, and a world of steam machinery. Each area would tell the story of a child other than the player character (to that end, the swamp monster originally was the drowned mother of a little girl, not the child's perception of their mother.)
      • The ending of this version of the story (which can be seen in the enhanced edition) reveals that Teddy was really a monster disguised as a teddy bear. He led the child further into the dreamland away from his mother so he could cook the child in a stew and eat them!
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    • It was originally planned for the player to choose the color of the child's pajamas.


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