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Trivia / American Horror Story: Asylum

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  • Absentee Actor: A full cast list is run in the opening credits, but Zachary Quinto (Dr. Thredson) does not show up until episode 2, and Joseph Fiennes (Monsignor Howard) does not appear in episodes 3, 5, and 7.
  • The Cast Showoff: The Name Game features the titular song being sung and danced to by Jessica Lange.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • For the series itself, there's "American Horror Story: Assylum", due to the many, many ass shots in the show between the canings and the clothing the prisoners wear, among other things.
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    • The show is also being called "American Whore Story", thanks to Dr. Arden's exclamation of "Whores get nothing!"
    • Lana Banana for Lana, based on what Sister Jude said when they first met. Seeing as how Lana's The Woobie, it works well.
  • Irony As He Is Cast:
    • Dr. Thredson advocates behavior modification to treat and cure homosexuality. Zachary Quinto is openly gay.
    • Joseph Fiennes is cast as Monsignor Timothy Howard, one of the very few characters in the show who is actively against bloodshed and violence and merely wishes the best for everyone; it is this alongside his good looks that makes him the secret object of Sister Jude's desire. This gels not only with Fiennes' previous roles as young romantic heartthrobs in films such as Shakespeare in Love, but also with the fact that his more well-known elder brother Ralph Fiennes has pretty much played almost every bad guy it's possible to be interested in, from Pharaoh to Nazi to Genocidal Snake-Man Wizard. It makes a weird metafictional sense that he'd have an easily-upset younger brother, adored by the girls.
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  • Viral Marketing: Asylum follows in the first season's footsteps, with videos released on the show's website, YouTube channel, and Facebook page. Highlights included nuns dressed in white, buckets of body parts, a form of therapy known as a hydrobath that was used during Asylum's timeframe, several patients screaming, lots of forest (and things that lurk within), and a figure known only as Bloody Face. Some are set to "Que Sera Sera".
  • You Look Familiar: Several first season actors return to play different parts.


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