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  • Actor Allusion:
    • In the fourth episode. "Three-point-six milliliters of the Bends. That's 18-24 in the cubes, pal." There's another Dredd allusion in "Disrupt", when John claims that he's going to send a hacker "to the cubes". Allegedly this was a Throw It In! by Karl Urban (who had just wrapped filming on Dredd) that sounded futuristic enough that it became part of the show's lexicon.
  • Fan Community Nicknames: Numerous types continue to float around, such as Humanites and Humaniacs which were coined during the series promotion in May 2013. After the series first pilot airing it deviated into FanBots and Badge Rabbits/Bunnies. The names are still up in the air.
    • Humanite is viewed as the proper or fancy term.
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    • FanBot is the colloquial and slang term.
  • Fan Nickname: The DRN 494 from Episode 6 was quickly dubbed with a 'D' name of his own, "Darren".
  • Out of Order: FOX's practice of airing fledgling shows out of order continues. The "second" episode, "Skin", is actually episode 5, according to IMDb. So far the effects are John going from being pretty hard nosed and unfunny to him actually being more relaxed with Dorian and socially awkward. The possibility of skipping the early episodes would likely have explained this as well as John's therapy sessions about the bad raid.
    • After airing episodes five through eight in production order after the pilot, episodes two and three by production order aired as numbers eight and six, respectively, bookending episode ten. Episode nine was then aired as episode nine, followed by episode four, with eleven through thirteen airing in order.
  • Portmanteau Series Nickname: "Almost Human" -> "AlHu"
  • Screwed by the Network: Fox did this by dumping originals against The Olympics. After having previously pulled the show for two weeks to do two-hour episodes of Sleepy Hollow and The Following. Not to mention that it didn't get picked up past the original thirteen episode order. And all this despite the fact that the ratings were actually decent by Fox standards. Oh, and they aired it completely Out of Order. Yup, it's Fox all right.
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  • Throw It In!: Karl Urban has said that quite a few of the scenes between Kennex and Dorian in the car were a result of him and Michael Ealy just bouncing improvised dialogue off of one another. The showrunners were apparently cool with it so long as they shot a take with the scripted dialogue first. According to Urban, the "you're scanning my balls?" scene and the scene where Dorian exposes himself were both a result of this note .
  • The Wiki Rule: Over here.


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