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  • Billing Displacement: Carice Van Houten (character:Kiki) was billed first during the opening credits (and on the film poster, etc.) and Michiel Romeyn (character:Jan) was billed second. However, these actors/characters have at least about the same amount of screen time, and Jan's character is probably more important than Kiki's; this becomes clear when you consider that: the movie's opens as well as ends with a scene focusing on Jan, and not Kiki's, character; Jan's character appears before the opening credits while Kiki's does not; Jan's character is featured in shots intercut in between shots of other actors throughout the opening credits; and Jan's character seems more central to the story in general.
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  • Dawson Casting: Valerio Zeno was 23 when the movie was filmed, and played a 16-year old boy. He certainly does look older than 16 in the movie.

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