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  • Creator's Apathy: While the series' short run is often attributed to its negative reception, it was revealed by one of the show's artists on RebelTaxi that Fox had little faith in the show from the start. On top of cutting the show's budget from the pilot, Fox execs only commissioned seven episodesnote for the show to initially serve as filler between seasons of Family Guy (although the show itself actually aired in the fall, with the equally doomed-to-fail Napoleon Dynamite cartoon taking it's place as mid-season replacement), with the intent of cancelling Allen afterwards. The artist also mentions that he and the rest of the animation staff hated the show during its production, but enjoyed the time they spent with each other.
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  • Creator Killer: For co-creator Andrew Mogel, as he wasn't involved in anything else after this series flopped.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Patrick is voiced by a woman, Cristina Pucelli. Interestingly, she would later go on to voice Luan Loud.
  • Descended Creator: Co-creator Jonah Hill voices Allen Gregory.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Then again, who would want to? It's rather telling that Fox didn't just cancel the show, they basically nuked it from orbit by completely removing the series from any website offering the episodes for sale. In other words, the series is more or less impossible to watch online outside illegal file-sharing and streaming sites, as even low-quality uploads on YouTube are prone to being deleted by Fox.
  • Old Shame: Everyone involved with the production, save for Jonah Hill. As noted in Keep Circulating the Tapes, Fox wiped all evidence of this show online by removing the show off all retailers selling the show for sale, and has refused to let it be available or resurface on Blu-ray, DVD, Hulu, and even reruns on [adult swim], who frequently aired cartoons produced by 20th Century Fox before the Disney-Fox acquisition.
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  • Screwed by the Network: Fox practically had no faith in this show, as the network spend most of their adverts on promoting episodes of The Simpsons and Family Guy, the shows Allen Gregory were sandwiched between, which also failed to get audiences interested in the show.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Allen Gregory Wiki.


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