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  • Black Sheep Hit: A minor one, but even Alex was surprised by the warm reception 'Paint You Wings' from Don't Panic got by fans. Oddly, though, they still have yet to play it live several years later.
  • Content Leak: Demos for Dirty Work were leaked about 10 months before the album was released.
  • Creator Backlash: Towards Dirty Work. While they still perform some of the songs from the album live, the production process behind the album left a bad taste in their mouths from it being on Interscope rather than Hopeless. Short of it is, there were too many producers behind the scenes so not all of the songs came out as good as they wanted, turning them off from staying with Interscope and going back to Hopeless afterwards, due to them being able to produce their music how they want with a single producer. Didn't stop them from doing it again 6 years later on LYR, though, for some reason.
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  • Fan Community Nickname: For some reason, The Hustlers.
  • Magnum Opus Dissonance: Whether they actually consider it their best work is debatable as to whether they truly believe that when they said that they were producing their best material, or if it was to hype up the album before it all came out, but Last Young Renegade is having this effect, as Alex Gaskarth spoke highly of the album before and after it came out, but many fans would beg to differ for many reasons. One of them being that they still have yet to top Don't Panic in terms of a whole album that completely blows most everything they did before out of the water and was them firing on all cylinders during the production of it.
  • What Could Have Been: As Alex Gaskarth revealed in promo interviews for Last Young Renegade, they originally wanted to sign to Fueled by Ramen back in early 2006, but were passed over at the time for another band. They signed with them over 10 years later after their contract at Hopeless expired. Whether or not that was a good move is up to each person who cares enough to decide, but it's interesting to think of how their musical progression would've gone had they signed to them at an earlier date.


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