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Trivia / All-Star Superman

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Trivia for the comic:

  • Creator Breakdown: Morrison's father died during the writing of this book, which probably led to the scenes where Clark Kent had to deal with Jonathan Kent's death as well as the talk with Jor-El in the afterlife.
  • Executive Meddling: Ideas show up here from a 1998 pitch made by Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, and Mark Millar years ago for a bold revamp of Superman (the execs ultimately went for a more conservative revamp). Naturally, Waid's Superman: Birthright and Millar's Superman: Red Son also borrow some from this pool of inspiration.
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  • I Knew It!: A fan at a convention Q&A session asked Grant Morrison if Jimmy Olsen was a Secret Secret-Keeper who had worked out that Superman and Clark Kent were the same person and Morrison confirmed it.
  • Recycled Script: A few moments in this series will seem pretty familiar if you read Morrison's New X-Men. There's a poignant scene involving a spaceship hurtling into the sun, a particularly nasty bald supervillain who eventually gets reeducated by the heroes, a forward-thinking academic who wants to lead human society into a new era, and a story about a future generation of heroes who use Time Travel to stop a villain from conquering Earth. Most noticeably: the series ends with the death of a Messianic Archetype thematically associated with the sun, with that character eventually transcending time and space and traveling back in time to comfort one of the main characters at the grave of a loved one.
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  • Shrug of God: When asked about the book's continuity with All-Star Batman And Robin, Morrison is vague and indifferent about it. The timeline, with Batman being near the start of the character's crimefighting career and Superman being about the end of his life, made it plausible according to them.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Morrison toyed with the idea that Leo Quintum was an avatar of Lightray of the New Gods before deciding to simply make him a Canon Foreigner.
    • There was consideration by Morrison of doing a trio of two-issue spinoffs expanding the world before deciding to leave All-Star as a singular work:
      • Superman vs. Satan!, about a younger pre-flight Superman in his first year in Metropolis, which eventually became the basis of Morrison's Action Comics run.
      • Son of Superman, about the test-tube child of Lois and Clark hinted at in the book's final pages, and his team-up with Batman's son inspired by the original 1970s Super Sons stories; ideas from this later folded into the chapter The Just in The Multiversity.
      • Men of Tomorrow, a "huge, generational Superman Squad cosmic epic".
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  • Word of God: Morrison confirmed that Jimmy Olsen knows that Clark Kent is Superman, but kept hush hush about it out of respect and acknowledgment that there's likely a very good reason for the Secret Identity.

Trivia for the film: