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Trivia / All-Star Superman

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Trivia for the comic:

  • Creator Breakdown: Morrison's father died during the writing of this book, which probably led to the scenes where Clark Kent had to deal with Jonathan Kent's death as well as talk with Jor-El in the afterlife.
  • Executive Meddling: Ideas show up here from a 1998 pitch made by Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, and Mark Millar years ago for a bold revamp of Superman (the execs ultimately went for a more conservative revamp). Naturally, Waid's Superman: Birthright and Millar's Superman: Red Son also borrow some from this pool of inspiration.
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  • Jossed: A very popular theory is that Leo Quintum is, in fact, Lex Luthor, having undergone a Heel–Face Turn and traveled back in time. Morrison himself, however, jossed that theory.
  • Shrug of God: When asked about the book's continuity with All Star Batman, Morrison is vague and indifferent about it. According to him, the continuity is possible since Batman takes place during the start of the Dark Knight's career while Superman was at the near-end of the Man of Steel's life.
  • What Could Have Been: Morrison toyed with the idea that Leo Quintum was an avatar of Lightray of the New Gods before deciding to simply make him a Canon Foreigner.


Trivia for the film:


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