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Trivia / All Monsters Attack

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  • No Export for You: Was never offered by Toho for export or was shown anywhere outside Japan and the Americas (where it somehow made it to Argentine theaters). Germany did get a dub in 2013, however. Averted in 2019, where this title was included in The Criterion Collection's bundle of Showa-era Godzilla titles.
  • Old Shame: Hideyo Amamoto was not fond of his role in the film.
  • Playing Against Type: Hideyo Amamoto (who at this point in time usually played as villains and the slimiest of criminals) in here plays the kind, fatherly and comical toy maker, Shinpei Inami.
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  • What Could Have Been: The film's director, Ishiro Honda initially wanted all of the monster footage to be brand-new for the film, and he also wanted to include a sequence with Godzilla fighting Rodan and Oodako (the Giant Octopus) and Rodan stalking Ichiro attempting to eat him. However due to scheduling and budget issues, the crew was forced to use stock footage for all monster scenes that weren't Godzilla, Minya, and Gabara. As for the Rodan and Oodako fights, they roles were "recycled" for the Kamacuras and Ebirah fights respectively.

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