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  • Blooper: The dark lit introduction scene with John Malkovich has a light-reflection circle, appearing, going over the face of the character then moving away, which disrupts the Willing Suspension of Disbelief over Carlitos' speech. The floating smoke, from a cigarette that he never takes a drag on, saves the scene.
    • During the avalanche that kills eight of the survivors, minor character Hugo Diaz (whose real-life equivalent, Diego Storm, died in that avalanche) is shown among the casualties. Yet he's among the 16 people who survived until the end of the film.
  • Fake Nationality: Almost all of the characters are played by actors who are neither Uruguayans nor Latin Americans. The one notable exception is the mechanic, who is played by the Honduran-American Jose Zuniga.
    • Several of the actors, however, are Italian-Americans – Vincent Spano (Antonio), Christian Meoli (Federico), Danny Nucci (Hugo), Michael DeLorenzo (Rafael), John Cassini (Daniel), and Gian DiDonna (Eduardo).
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    • The Mexican Spanish dub of the film downplays this: While it was dubbed in Mexico by Mexican voice actors, rather than Chileans, they used Chilean slang in an attempt to avoid any controversy regarding this. This is a stark contrast with Survive!, a Mexican film about the same tragedy, when all the actors were played by Mexicans and with Mexican accents.


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