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Trivia / Al B. Sure!

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  • Hitless Hit Album: Private Times... And The Whole 9! peaked at the top twenty of the Billboard 200, but its lead single "Missunderstanding" barely missed the Top 40, and subsequent singles (including a duet with Diana Ross) only appeared on the Hip Hop/R&B charts.
  • Two-Hit Wonder: Sure! is a One-Hit Wonder as a solo artist with "Nite And Day", but his other US Top 40 hit was "The Secret Garden (Sweet Sedution Suite)", a Quincy Jones-produced song that featured Sure! alongside Barry White, James Ingram and El Debarge, and earned him a Grammy nomination.
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  • Uncredited Role: Teddy Riley actually produced two songs for Sure!: "If I'm Not Your Lover" and "You Can Call Me Crazy". The latter was taken back at the orders of Teddy's manager, and given to his group to record; but when the song's lead singer left the group before it was fully finished, Teddy kept Sure!'s vocals on the final recording to flesh it out, but didn't credit him.
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: Sure! did not finish writing "Nite And Day" until the 11th hour. The day of the recording session for the song, Al still had not written the verses of the song, and was given an hour to finish it. He wrote the lyrics on a napkin while eating breakfast at McDonald's.

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