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  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: Before Kidsy 128 gained control of the wiki, he made a page for something called Dragonism. While Poyo Ride usually deletes fan made content that gets put on its own page, Poyo Ride really liked the idea and used it in his final ARA story as a major plot element.
    • The name edirria and comic 4 were also suggested by another person.
  • The Wiki Rule:
  • Throw It In!: On the ARA Discord, Kidsy used a bot's .magik command on Zero's ARA Smash splash art twice. The result was a deformed Zero that was shaped like a rhombus. The deformed Zero was named Ziro and quickly reached memetic status across the server. Poyo Ride found the jokes about Ziro funny, so he added Ziro into ARA as a character.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Yellow Kirby came really close to being green, but since the main character of Green Kirby Air Ride was also green, it was switched to yellow at the last second. This original color was about to have a wiki page before the color got changed. note 
      • The original version of White Kirby came very close to having a personality Poyo Ride describes as being similar to Guzma from Pokemon Sunand Moon. It got much closer than the example above, to the point of having artwork done. By the time the wiki page was being created, Poyo Ride didn't know how to describe the personality for him, so he was cut.
    • The Hyper Stars were originally planned to be in The Air Ride Series, but were added into the series at the last minute, and didn't get a complete story.
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    • Dyna Blade's Mom was originally going to be one of the returning characters from The Air Ride Series. However, she was a last minute cut to the character roster, because Poyo's cousin told him to avoid using too many characters.


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