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Trivia / Age of Zombies

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  • Creator's Favorite: Barry was really liked by Halfbrick's emloyees. So much, that they decided to make few more games with him as the protagonist.
    • Zombie T-Rex was heavily used in advertising, where he was depicted being just as significant, as Barry, despite only being the first boss in the actual game. Afterwards, he became one of Halfbrick's recurring characters.
  • First Appearance: Of Barry Steakfries, who is nowadays better known for being a protagonist of Jetpack Joyride. Also applies to his opponents, Professor Brains, Zombies and Zombie T-Rex, who would become mainstays in other Barry-related games.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The game was originally called Halfbrick Zombies, and was a multiplayer game inspired by Smash TV, with as much chaos as possible, originally intended to be released for Xbox Live Arcade. The game was cancelled, up until Sony offered Halfbrick to make some games for then-new "PSP Minis", Working Title became Zombies Through Time.
    • Originally, there was going to be a world based on Romanian Empire with three Gladiators as a boss battle, which never made it to the final release.
    • Alongside the announcement of Season 2, Halfbrick announced that there will be crossover worlds in the game. The crossovers in question are Ghostbusters, American Mcgees Grimm, Ozombie and BigHead Bash. Unfortunately, all of them were Quietly Cancelled before any further information could come out.

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