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Trivia / Age of Apocalypse

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  • Flip-Flop of God: Readers were told that although changing the past usually produces an alternate universe that exists in addition to, but doesn't replace, the main one, Legion's great power enabled him to break this rule and change actual Marvel history. Nevertheless, the Age of Apocalypse universe was later treated as a normal alternate universe. It was explained that the real reason for the main Marvel Universe being destroyed (temporarily) is the M'Kraan Crystal being breached; since there is a single M'Kraan Crystal that exists simultaneously in all realities, breaching it in one reality creates a cascade effect that will wipe out the entire multiverse. When this was averted, things went back to normal.
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  • T He Merch: Toy Biz's X-Men toyline has seen some figures based on the storyline, including a whole subseries based on the story.
  • Name's the Same:
    • Arclight here shares the same name as a female character in the classic Marvel Universe.
    • The Wolverine of this story is not actually Logan (who still goes by Weapon X in the AoA, but rather a completely completely unrelated character who in the main timeline is named Crule.
    • The Bastion mentioned in this story is never specified in text to be the same Bastion as the one in the main timeline's later "Operation: Zero Tolerance" story, though at least one source (the dubiously canonical X-Men: Battle of the Atom mobile game) has asserted that they are in fact the same character.
    • Despite sharing the same first name, Vincent of the Generation Next team is not the same character as the Vincent who is better known as Mesmero in the regular timeline.

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