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  • Creative Differences: Averted with Ronnie Bjornstrom, as he was just physically unable to handle the stress of their heavy touring schedule from 2014 to 2015, and also subverted with Daniel Dlimi and Emil Wiksten, who just couldn't afford to stay in a band that was lucky to even break even on tour and typically ended in the red, especially since Wiksten had a far better paying gig with Abbath lined up. Played straight with Nils Fjellstrom; he was clearly treating Dark Funeral as his main priority, but whenever scheduling conflicts did arise, he never even tried to help resolve them for his bandmates in Aeon and just left them high and dry, which pissed them off to no end and got at least one tour cancelled. While he officially left of his own accord, it was a "you can't fire me, I quit" situation.
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  • Development Hell: The first three years after the release of Aeons Black were swallowed up by relentless touring, as they finally had some solid opportunities that they could capitalize on without Nils Fjellstrom potentially flaking out on them and forcing them to cancel, but after Emil Wiksten quit to join Abbath in 2016, they dropped off the radar. A brief ray of hope appeared in 2017 when they stated that a new album was coming, along with an appearance at Brutal Assault, but they wound up having to cancel due to family issues. Aside from the occasional flicker of activity on social media, there was no indication that the new album was any closer to being a reality, and Zeb Nilsson semi-publicly stated that they didn't have a drummer circa late 2017 or early 2018. As of the very end of 2018, they still didn't have a drummer, though Nilsson told a fan on his Instagram that they were auditioning several drummers in early 2019. The band finally teased footage of rehearsal with a new drummer (rumored and quickly confirmed to be Timo Hakkinen) in February 2019 and told fans to stay tuned, so the likelihood of the new album finally seeing the light of day is almost assured.
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  • Promoted Fanboy: Timo Hakkinen was a longtime fan before he joined.

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