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Trivia / A Tribe Called Quest

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  • Author Existence Failure: Phife Dawg succumbed to his diabetes in March of 2016.
  • Executive Meddling: The notorious origins of "Show Business" from The Low End Theory. In short, there is an unofficially released early version of the track called "Georgie Porgie" with the same beat but vastly different lyrics. "Georgie Porgie" is about a fictional friend of the group who they lost all respect for after finding out he was gay. The label refused to put out such a blatantly homophobic song, so after completely rewriting the lyrics, "Show Business" was born. The band is now very ashamed of "Georgie Porgie", and some of their later songs like "We the People..." mock homophobia.
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  • Money, Dear Boy: A rare positive example. As Ali states in the Beats, Rhymes & Life documentary, the main reason Tribe reunited was to help pay Phife's medical bills, since he suffered from diabetes.
  • Name's the Same: Q-Tip's birth name was Jonathan Davis. He once did a song with the band Korn, whose lead singer is also named Jonathan Davis.
  • The Pete Best: Jarobi White. Subverted as he's been back with the group since 2006. Later averted when he recorded several verses in Tribe's final album.
  • Throw It In!: In "What?" Q-Tip accidentally says "Kapelka" instead of "Gefilte." They decided to keep it in anyway.

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