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Trivia / A Star Is Born (1954)

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  • AFI's 100 Years... Series:
  • Acclaimed Flop: Despite being a pop culture sensation and Judy Garland nearly winning the Best Actress award, the film actually lost money. Judy was in fact left broke when the film lost money.
  • Career Resurrection: The film marked Judy Garland's triumphant return to films after a long absence. Despite the acclaim she got, her next film appearance wouldn't be for another five years in Judgment at Nuremberg, which was also highly acclaimed.
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  • Deleted Role: Amanda Blake is listed in the credits but she was in the scenes that were cut.
  • Deleted Scene: Warner Brothers cut several significant scenes from the theatrical release. The movie was a huge hit, but they perceived the three hour run time as losing them money - because it limited how many people could see it in a day - so they shortened it down. Even to this day it is still missing some scenes.
  • Enforced Method Acting: George Cukor pushed Judy Garland so hard before an emotional scene that she threw up before the first take. He then made her do it over and over again until it was just right. After the final take, she was sobbing uncontrollably. He then went up to her and congratulated her, saying "Judy, Marjorie Main couldn't have done that any better!"
  • Executive Meddling: Jack Warner cut a number of scenes from the film without the consent of the director. It's because of this the film lost money.
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  • Life Imitates Art: James Mason later became The Mentor to actor Sam Neill.
  • Missing Episode: The film originally ran for 182 minutes, but the studio, Warner Bros., cut it down to 154 minutes before release. In 1983 a restoration was made that runs 176 minutes. However for several scenes only the audio survived, so stills were used in place of the missing footage.
  • Pop Culture Urban Legends: That Humphrey Bogart is the voice of the drunk man requesting "Melancholy Baby" in the cafe.
  • Reality Subtext: Judy Garland was struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism, trying to launch a comeback. Very ironic that she play the newcomer getting mentored by a drugged out has-been.
  • Troubled Production: Although Judy Garland was on her best behavior for the beginning of shooting, she soon slipped into her old routine. She would call in sick, have to leave set early and claim she was too tired to work. One day was postponed because she didn't like her costume. She also took two weeks off to try and kick her drug habit. Production dragged on for nine months in total.
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