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Trivia / A New Leaf

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  • Avoid the Dreaded G Rating: Inverted. The movie received a "G" rating in spite of its premise of Henry wanting to kill off Henrietta for her money, the use of "damn" and "son of a bitch" and one of Henry's suitors attempting to remove her bikini top.
  • Deleted Role: William Hickey was cast as one of the blackmailers who gets killed by Henry, but his scenes were cut.
  • Executive Meddling: Recut by the studio without the director's involvement. Didn't deter the enjoyment of its fans and admirers, however. Walter Matthau even went on record as preferring the recut. (During the film's troubled post-production, May was unable to turn in a final cut of the film; after she refused to show Paramount a rough cut of the film, which was supposedly three hours long, the film was taken out of May's hands. Robert Evans shortened the film to 102 minutes, deleting some of the film's darker elements, which included a subplot in which Henry murders two men who are blackmailing Henrietta. The final released version presented the ending as a display of redemption and affirmation of love, with Henry falling in love with Henrietta, whereas the original ending essentially depicted Henry's fate of remaining with Henrietta as an Ironic Self-Inflicted Hell for his murders.)note 
  • Underage Casting: James Coco, who plays Henry's Uncle Harry, was actually ten years younger than Walter Matthau.