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  • Accidentally Correct Writing: When William notices the Nike logo on the suit of armor that Kate gives him, Kate says it's in case some other knight should admire her handiwork. By the directors' own admission, as stated in their commentary on the DVD, they had no idea at the time that one of the founders of Nike was, in fact, a Knight.
  • Actor-Inspired Element: Kate was not written to be Scottish, and Laura Fraser auditioned using an English accent. They instead had her use her natural Scottish accent, the first time she had been able to do so in a film.
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  • California Doubling: Well, the Czech Republic, actually.
  • Deleted Role: Olivia Williams filmed some scenes as Geoffrey Chaucer's wife Phillipa, but they were all cut. They're included on the DVD.
  • Orphaned Reference: Kate asking William what he's planning to do with his hair while she's teaching him to dance. Originally William was meant to show up at the banquet with his hair slicked back and covered in silver as a result of Kate restyling it for him. Only one scene, which didn't make the cut, was filmed this way before everyone realised it looked ridiculous and the decision was made to stick with his usual blonde hair. As a result Kate's comment is left as an odd non-sequitur.
    • Adhemar's herald had a scene where he said all of his praise and titles correctly, thus allowing the audience to understand just how much he had messed it up in the later scene where Chaucer flashed light in his eyes. This scene was cut, so all that's left is the scene where the herald gets it wrong.
  • Playing Against Type: It's quite surprising that James Purefoy, usually a villain or Jerkass, is the benevolent Prince Edward. He'd later play the loyal Kantos Kan as a One-Scene Wonder in John Carter.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • You know Jocelyn's maid? That's actually Berenice Bejo, who would go on to receive major critical praise and recognition for her role in The Artist and be nominated for an Academy Award.
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    • Also, Mark Addy, more widely known as Bill Miller in Still Standing and as King Robert Baratheon of Game of Thrones.
    • He's not the only Game of Thrones face either. The priest who obliviously takes Jocelyn's deadpan lamentations of So Beautiful, It's a Curse at face value? Mace Tyrell.
    • Breaking Bad fans might recognize Laura Fraser, a.k.a. Lydia Rodarte-Quayle, as Kate.
    • Chaucer was Paul Bettany's Star-Making Role: he didn't start getting juicier parts until after this film.
  • Romance on the Set: Paul Bettany and Laura Fraser dated for two years.
  • Shown Their Work: A number of the names mentioned in the film were actual people:
    • Ulrich von Liechtenstein was a German knight from a century prior who was said to have broken over three hundred lances and never been unhorsed.
    • Sir Thomas Colville (Edwards disguise) was a real knight at the time the story takes place.
    • Piers Courtenay was a descendant of Edward I.
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    • The three knights mentioned by Roland before the bet (Count Theobald, John Beaumont, and Phillip of Burgundy) also existed.
    • And of course Chaucer and Prince Edward.
  • Throw It In!:
    • The "We Will Rock You" opening was filmed by the second unit as a joke, and was kept (along with all the other rock music) because the team wanted to show that back then people thought their music was just as good as we think ours is today.
    • When Will wins his first sword match, the crowd is silent until Roland spurs them on to cheer. As it happens, the extras who composed the audience were Czech and didn't realize they were supposed to cheer when Chaucer finished his speech. In fact, in the background you can see some of the extras raise their hands to cheer before realizing Bettany isn't done speaking.
    • According to DVD commentary: Jocelyn's "Oh that is lovely!" in response to the above-mentioned priest's gesture prompting her to kiss his ring was an ad-lib. "Your entrails will become your extrails" was an audition ad-lib that helped Alan Tudyk get the part and made it into the film.
    • The knight that gets knocked off his horse in the opening scene of the film? That's Heath Ledger's stunt double, and the entire scene is actually footage of an accident he had while filming. He was genuinely knocked unconscious.
    • Chaucer kissing Adhemar's herald twice was unscripted. Paul Bettany was told to "surprise him", though how wasn't specified.
    • While Adhemar is talking to an assosciate about how to beat "Ulrich" there's a shot of William with a dramatic zoom in. This was actually a mistake, the camera operator realised mid-shot that he wasn't focused properly and tried to correct it. Director Brian Helgeland thought the resulting shot looked cool and decided to use it with an added sound effect to highlight the camera movement.
  • Typecasting: Rufus Sewell as the evil Romantic False Lead - he'd also played a aristocratic French Jerk in The Legend of Zorro.


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