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  • Ascended Fanon: The "Gachikoi Koujo" ("True Love Chant"), originally created by Team 8 fans to chant during their song outros, is acknowledged by the team's members and occasionally used in their TV shows.
  • Contractual Purity: Many Idol Singer groups in Japan, both male and female, have a no-dating rule to keep up the image of being attainable. AKB48 themselves are known to have it stated explicitly in their contract, known as the "love prohibition rule." AKB48 has become one of the most common examples, especially after Minami Minegishi's scandal in 2013 (where she was caught spending the night at EXILE member Alan Shirahama's home) made international news. A year before that, Rino Sashihara's alleged ex-boyfriend sold her out to the media by releasing intimate details about their relationship, which almost nearly ruined her career and caused her to be transferred to HKT48. Fortunately, both girls were able to pick their careers back up after that, especially Sashihara, who now consistently ranks high on popularity polls.
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  • Fan Community Nickname: Team 8 fans are simply called Eito.
  • Lying Creator: The case of Aimi Eguchi. Yasushi Akimoto, AKB48 producer, announced that he had found the ultimate AKB48 girl at NMB48's second generation audition, instantly adding her to AKB48 as 12.5th generation. Turn out, she was unreal.
  • The Merch: Plenty of them- from files to T-shirts to posters, the list goes on...
  • Name's the Same:
    • Minami Takahashi shares her name with a voice actress who lent her voice to the anime adaptations of Food Wars!, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, and Re:Zero, among others. The latter's given name is usually written with kanji, while the former General Manager's is usually rendered in hiragana.
    • Nana Okada shares her name with a Showa-era idol, who reached her peak popularity in the late 70's and 80's and still acts to this day (most recently in 2016's The Book Peddler). They both write their names with the same kanji, but the latter was born Hiroko Yai. Naachan has stated in a "100 Questions" session that the older Nana Okada was the person she most wanted to meet.
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    • In a combination with Breaking the One Steve Limit, there are two members named Shiori Sato (Team 8 and 3rd Draft), and there's also one in Keyakizaka46.
    • Nanami Yamada's real name doesn't have the -mi. Nanami herself stated she auditioned under that name so she won't be confused with NMB member who bears the same name.
  • Paying Their Dues:
    • Although the group had been around for a few years, success didn't really come until they released "RIVER" making a slew of number one hits follow.
    • In addition, Kenkyuseis have to work for months or even years to prove that they are worthy of being full-time members, and wait for an open position that the management considers fit for them. (Honorable mention in this case goes to Shizuka Ooya; Shiichan had waited over 2 years to be promoted.)
    • The group was on the verge of disappearing until "Oogoe Diamond" came out, starring SKE48's fan favourite Jurina Matsui. The managers are so grateful to her that she's appeared on practically every cover song of the group's singles.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Many members of the group were huge fans before joining.
    • Rino Sashihara has performed the wotagei dance in AKBingo!.
    • Saya Kawamoto's room is shown to be full of founding members' posters in her documentary.
    • In her documentary, Okada Nana related how she had few friends in middle school until she joined the AKB fandom.
    • A handful of members' younger sisters have joined the group, such as Rei Jonishi (former NMB48 member Kei Jonishi's sister) and Orin Muto (Tomu Muto's sister).
      • Kasai Tomomi and her sister Rion auditioned together, but only Tomomi passed. Rion eventually became a solo idol.
      • In the sister groups, there's Fu Yabushita in STU48 whose older sister Shu is formerly in NMB.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Yuki Kashiwagi auditioned for Morning Musume before joining AKB but was cut from the third round. Ultimately, things turned out for the better for her as captain of Team B but one can't help but wonder how she would have worked in Morning Musume...
    • Sumire Sato also auditioned for Morning Musume, but failed the audition.
    • Ayaka Umeda also auditioned in the Morning Musume Lucky 7 Audition and passed the first round.
    • In one Shoujiki Shougi segment on AKBingo!, Minami Minegishi presents the statement "truthfully, you would rather be in Morning Musume" to Haruna Kojima. She fails the lie detector test and can't keep a straight face when insisting she likes being in AKB.
    • Mayu Watanabe auditioned to be in AKB's 2nd generation but failed, missing out on being in Team K which has a completely different image from Team B. She did mention that this was for the better in retrospect, since she believed her weak stamina wouldn't be able to keep up with Team K's powerful style.
      • Speaking of Mayuyu, it was her who was to be the WCenter of UZA alongside Jurina Matsui; however, her stamina didn't let her keep up with the exhausting choreography, so Mayuyu gave the spot to Yuko Oshima instead.
    • Yui Yokoyama (the General Manager, not the Team 8 one) originally auditioned for SKE, but failed the audition. She tried again with AKB and passed.
    • Sarina Souda first auditioned for AKB 3rd Generation in 2006 and took a couple more AKB auditions after that. She finally became an SKE member at the age of 20 through the Draft system in 2013. Four years later, she ranked #8 in the Senbatsu Elections. According to her, she probably wouldn't have come that far if she had passed the earlier auditions.
    • Hina Iwata tried out for AKB and several other idol groups before she was finally admitted into STU48 in 2017.
  • The Wiki Rule: There are Wiki48 and AKB48 Wikia.


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