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Trivia / AI War: Fleet Command

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  • Creator Backlash: Chris has stated the Exodian Blade will not be returning because he came to dislike the concept both gameplay-wise and especially lore-wise.
  • Cut Song: For the Fallenwas originally made for Stars Beyond Reach, but since that game is in forever hiatus, it was repurposed for AI War 2.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • The Devourer Golem is affectionately referred to as the Cookie Monster, like any ravenous devourer would.
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    • To a lesser degree, the Zenith Trader is given the moniker Zenith Traitor, due to an... interesting bug where the Trader sold stuff to the AI for an absurdly cheap price and with very little cooldown, making worlds look like a giant morass of troop accelerators, ion cannons and eyes, among others, making them a pain in the ass to attack.
    • Fleet Ball is used to refer to grouping all your units into one giant ball and using that to kill anything on a planet. Less often used is Doom Stack to refer to the same thing.

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