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Trivia / A Guy Named Joe

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  • Troubled Production: Where to start?
    • The biggest event to occur from backstage was Van Johnson's vehicle accident which badly damaged his face and rehabilitated in hospital for months. Dunne and Tracy refused to recast him and waited for Johnson to heal.
    • Spencer Tracy is said to have wanted Katharine Hepburn to star as Dorinda so he took out his frustration on Irene Dunne, belittling and sexually harassing her. Victor Fleming didn't step in and participated in Tracy's teasing until head of MGM Louis B. Mayer threatened to fire Tracy in front of the rest of the crew. While Johnson recovered from surgery, Dunne and Tracy patched up their relationship and re-shot scenes.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • It's unclear whether initial plans were to film on-location at real army training bases but the budget wouldn't allow it anyway.
    • Initial final scene was Dorinda and Pete reuniting in heaven, but the test audience rejected the ending.

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