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Trivia / A Distant Soil

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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Unfortunately, looking for it in bookstores is a pain because Doran self-published, and a lot of big-name bookstores won't carry self-published books. However, she wrote why she did this in one of her books and has mentioned she went onto self-publishing because her publisher originally wanted to take her off the staff for A Distant Soil. Seeing as this was her work, you can see why.
    • On the plus side, she's posted it online.
    • On the negative side, Doran has totally disavowed the original version of the series from the 1980s (which had art that was entirely in pencil, without any inking at all), and has declined to reprint it, and even sent back copies of it that were sent to her for restoration. Granted, the redone versions are indeed much better, but anyone who wants to see its original form is out of luck.

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