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  • Gladstone Gander experiences this in one episode of DuckTales, and experiences it again (in backstory) in the fanfic drabble Little Brother.
  • Used for a few chapters in the The Princess and the Frog fanfiction A Son for a King. Charlotte's banker husband demands sex from Tiana in exchange for giving her a loan and for not asking for the money back, and when she refuses, he tells Charlotte that Tiana tried to bribe him with sex so as not to have to pay back the loan. Charlotte then goes to Tiana's house and yells at her, and breaks off their friendship. Tiana's mother then persuades her to go on a date with a man she has no attraction to, and on the date, he is stabbed by racists and has to be taken to the hospital by Tiana where it turns out he has lied about his name, as well as the fact that he is married to a woman who then arrives at the hospital and chases Tiana around the hospital room, calling her a tramp and screaming at her for sleeping with her husband (which she didn't do). Once she gets back to her mother's house, it's revealed that her house and restaurant have been set on fire by the Ku Klux Klan. She then collapses on the floor, yelling, "I've been a good person my entire life. I followed all the rules. Why do these things keep happening to me?" It's all quite hilarious.
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  • The Firefly fanfic Forward does this to most of the crew, especially for River. Aside from being kidnapped and tortured by Niska, she's also undergone multiple mental breakdowns due to her insanity, she's been nearly eaten by Reavers, and has been repeatedly Mind Raped by another psychic escapee from the Academy. Not a single "episode" in the story passes without River being repeatedly punched in the gut.
  • In the A Song of Ice and Fire time loop fic Purple Days, Prince Joffrey Baratheon undergoes a massive and continuous one as the crux for his Character Development. After realizing he is effectively immortal because of The Purple continuously sending him back in time after death, he attempts to kill and/or punish those who he knows or at least thinks pose a threat to his reign in the future. His poor planning ability and lack of martial prowess lead to these plans backfiring and result in him getting killed out of revenge for his actions. Before he comes to a Heel Realization he is...
    • Poisoned by the Strangler after trying to trick Tyrion into drinking poisoned wine, which Tyrion reverses onto Joffrey
    • Stabbed to death by Jon Snow after ambushing and killing Robb with a crossbow in Winterfell's armory
    • Beaten to death by Robb Stark after torturing Ned Stark to death and inadvertently killing Sansa and Arya and prompting the North to go to war against the Lannisters
    • Burned alive by Stannis and Melisandre after trying to fight for his life in the Battle of Blackwater Bay
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    • Forced to repeat every action he took in his first life to steer events in the way in which he remembers to avoid being poisoned at his wedding to Margaery Tyrell, only to poisoned by a back-up bottle of Strangler-laced wine anyway when he made it to the bedchamber to consummate the marriage.
    • This all takes a severe toll on Joffrey's psyche to the point where is constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown when he goes to Winterfell for the umpteenth time. He is sent completely over the edge into insanity however when he discovers that his mother Cersei and Uncle Jaime are lovers, leading him to realize that he is in fact an incest-born bastard and that all the suffering he endured on the basis that he was in fact the trueborn son of King Robert Baratheon (something he believed without a shadow of doubt) was based on a lie. Joffrey snaps, leaps out of a tower to his death, and spends the next several lifetimes trying to end the "Groundhog Day" Loop as painfully and horrifically as possibility before he complete gives up and undergoes a Villainous BSoD
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    • Even after he starts making progress to become a better person over his next few lives, Joffrey still suffers several traumatic experiences made more heartbreaking by his Character Development.
      • He can only watch helplessly as Ned Stark, who had become a mentor and father figure to him in his efforts to help Joffrey out of his Villainous Breakdown, is killed by Littlefinger's Goldcloaks when Joffrey attempts to proclaim Ned the Lord Regent of the Seven Kingdoms
      • He is helpless to do anything but drown himself when the crew of the Eastern Winds, a Braavosi sailing crew that have taken Joffrey in, are murdered in the night by Euron Greyjoy and his crew, the Silence
      • He witnesses Jon Snow and Sandor Clegane, who had become his best friends in a later loop, get killed in an effort to save him from the soldiers of the Reach sent to detain him by King Renly
      • He forms a brotherhood bond with the soldiers of the Five Forts of Yi-Ti, but can't do much to save them as the Zombie Apocalypse of the White Walkers' invasion reaches the country and utterly destroys their army
      • He is forced to kill Robb Stark, Theon Greyjoy, Jon Snow, and several members of the North's nobility in a war against the Iron Throne once King Robert dies and Ned and Bran are killed during the former's coup
      • He witnesses Sandor and Tyrion get killed by a dragon in the ruins of Old Valyria when the three go searching for the Lannister ancestral sword, Brightroar.
    • All of this culminates in Joffrey learning the shocking truth that he is a Human Weapon created by the Purple to save the world of the living from The Long Night, by all rights an Impossible Task that Joffrey is utterly unequipped to handle, and that he won't be able to end the "Groundhog Day" Loop and truly die until he finds a way to do so.
  • The Death Note postseries fanfic arc Redeemer by CocoaCoveredGods lays this on Light like woah. Being stripped of his identity as Kira was only the beginning- so far, he's been killed multiple times, buried alive, tortured, raped (again, multiple times), suffered two mental breakdowns and been attacked by an axe-wielding psychopath in a scene that even L found difficult to look at the aftermath of. And some of this at the hands of people he loves. It's no wonder he's a gibbering wreck by the start of the fourth fic.
    • So does ''True Elision'' by Ezan, another post-series fanfic. Having been given a second chance to have a proper afterlife and avoid being transformed in a Shinigami, Light is forced to face a Trial from hell and battle his worst nightmares (which include being torn apart by the thousands of people he directly killed with their bare hands while being unable to move and having a handful of hair forcefully shoved down his throat. Multiple times. And that's just the first level...).
  • This is Deadlock's intention in The Legend of Spyro: A New Dawn. She intends to inflict one on Spyro and Cynder because she suffered one that she blames them for. Her own included having her mate and unborn children killed in front of her and apparently having her adult children killed by Dark Cynder.
  • The Team Fortress 2 Zombie Apocalypse fanfiction Respawn of the Dead tortures just about every member of the team, but a special mention has to be given to The Medic. Over the course of the fic, he gets the crap beaten out of him by The Soldier, has to leave The Heavy behind to be devoured by zombies, and after recovering from the Heroic BSoD caused by that, he has to Mercy Kill his Morality Pet, the Pyro. Yeah.
  • Fallout: Equestria is no picnic for its protagonist Littlepip—continually shot at (she isn't nicknamed "Bulletsponge" for nothing), had friends die on her, the works. But its side fics Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons and Heroes extend the Line even further.
  • Ace Combat: The Equestrian War has Firefly, who had a pretty rough childhood, to say the least.
  • Imperfect Metamorphosis has Rin Satsuki, whose backstory starts with being kidnapped as a child by slavers and only gets worse from there. Over the course of the story itself she is attacked, brutalized, betrayed, at one point her mind is literally shattered, and nearly everyone in Gensoukyou wants her dead. It is no mystery whatsoever that she becomes a Death Seeker.
  • Mortality (and its series as a whole) is one long trauma conga line for Sherlock Holmes. Right from the prologue, we know that he's in major trouble, then we go back in time a month or so to find out how he gets to this point. Starts out by getting infected with a mutation of a deadly Asian disease, which is only cured just in time (though not before putting him through a stomach-churning conversation with a Serial Killer and getting himself in trouble with his best friend). Less than a week later, he's kidnapped (quite brutally) and Locked in the Dungeon, therefore being subjected to all manner of Cold-Blooded Torture. He almost hits the Despair Event Horizon but wills himself away from it. Even after being rescued (while half-dead), Holmes deals with fever, frailty, Flashback Nightmares, and Survivor Guilt. He ends up with a Result A, although his actions in the sequel do beg the question of just how well he learned his lessons.
  • Another Sherlockian example is A Study in Regret. First, Holmes watches as Moran shoots Watson; next, he's Locked in the Dungeon and subjected to Cold-Blooded Torture for well over a month and does hit the Despair Event Horizon. (If any of this sounds familiar, it's because the fic was inspired by Mortality.) Even after being rescued, his physical and spiritual recovery is long and painful, and it's seriously one Tear Jerker scene after another (Survivor Guilt and Flashback Nightmare included). It gets worse when Holmes realizes that Moran intends to kill Mary and her baby in order to achieve the ultimate revenge on Sherlock Holmes. Eventually, Holmes tries to commit suicide to spare Mary and the baby, and Inspector Lestrade stops him. The woobieness, however, continues. If left to himself, Holmes would go for Result C, while his adoptive family are constantly pushing for Result A — and it's slowly but surely working.
  • The Bleach fic Uninvited Guests is built out of this trope, but it’s played for comedy.
  • Children of Time has Sherlock Holmes and Beth Lestrade.
    • Holmes is first possessed by a sentient sun, a vicious Break the Cutie experience, and he develops towards Result E. Eventually, he "loses" his best friend to marriage once again, having already been forced to observe from the past Watson falling in love and being unable to do anything about it. Major rift occurs between the two. Holmes finds himself unable to solve a case that has to be solved, and is subsequently kidnapped by none other than his Back from the Dead Arch-Enemy, Professor Moriarty. Moriarty offers Holmes a Sadistic Choice: surrender his soul to him or watch Watson be broken piece by piece. Holmes quickly descends into Result B and has become very thoroughly The Sociopath by the time Beth attempts to rescue him. Moriarty decides to break the apathetic detective until he does have a heart again, and then break that heart into tiny little bits. His most effective weapon is Holmes's apathy to Beth's murder as he tortures him. This does lead to a Heel Realization and Result A for Holmes, as well as a Bittersweet Ending.
    • As for Beth...Having been handcuffed, insulted, and threatened with physical harm by her hero, she still comes back to rescue him, only to find that he's done a Face–Heel Turn. Shocked and desperate, she commits a Heroic Sacrifice in a last-ditch effort to save him and wake him up, then dies realizing that he doesn't care. This makes her a Broken Bird once she's resurrected and the memories set in, and it takes quite a bit of effort on Holmes's part to pull her out of Result C. All that effort seems to go right back down the drain, however, when she's kidnapped by Moriarty and sells herself to him in return for the safety of Holmes, Watson, and the Doctor. Like Holmes, her journey towards Result A is slow and difficult, and matters are hardly helped by the fact that she has to return to her own timeline, despite her and Holmes's love for each other.
  • In Fractured, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands crossover and its sequel, Samantha Shepard gets hit with this. First, Liara and several others end up dying, for which she blames herself. This drives her into depression, making her an easy convert to the ways of an insane admiral, whereupon she engages in some highly questionable missions. Due to her Face–Heel Turn, her now-former friends abandon Shepard, even going so far as to administer a savage beating in order to keep Sam out of the final fight, though she is recovered afterward with severe injuries. Once reawoken, a continuous losing battle against a Force-wielding Siren combined with the arrival of Flood breaks her again, causing Shepard to hang up her uniform. Only some pep talks from Garrus and Wrex combined with the magnitude of what's at stake manage to convince her to step back into the fight. Even then, she initially leaves command to others.
  • In the Lost Girl fanfic Mad World, Lauren's entire time with the Fae has been this largely as a result of her being a Cosmic Plaything. Trick uses his powers to write that the Garuda will be defeated by a champion (who turns out to be Bo). The Garuda is aware of this, and knows that Lauren will be involved. So it and Thane utterly destroy her life trying to prevent it. Thane murders 19 of her colleagues/friends, murders her, she is then brought back by the Fae, forced into slavery to them, and then Thane returns and subjects her to Mind Rape and horrific torture. She spends most of her time as a Type A (said torture briefly sends her into full on Type C). In the sequel however, she is beginning to be a Type E both because she is sick of her life being a Trauma Conga Line, and because it's heavily implied she's now possessed by the Garuda.
    • Notably, in the sequel she calls Trick and The Ash out for their roles in it. Trick for setting events in motion without considering the consequences, and the Ash who despite claiming to view Lauren as friend, is still using her as pawn. The fact that neither one of them seems to understand that the Fae destroying her life is pissing her off, just makes her even angrier.
  • Lost Boys, its sequel Broken Heroes, and (probably—it's still being written) its second sequel Shattered Saviors gives each character a run for their money, but mostly the worst stuff happens to Sora, Aqua, and Ventus. Sora keeps getting hurt mentally and physically. One breaking event after the other. He loses his home at the age of four thanks to Venitas, grows up on the streets of Traverse Town with Riku, has several moments where he either becomes engulfed in rage or loses himself to despair, has Ventus die just after he finally thinks of forgiving him for destroying his home, and gives himself up to Xemnas to keep Kairi and the rest of his friends safe. Aqua comes back from the Realm of Darkness only to have Ventus die, then die AGAIN shortly after she revives him. When she finds Xemnas, she clings to a hope that he's still Terra, only to find out that answer is no. She gets completely broken by the fact that, despite her efforts, Terra and Ven are pretty much long gone. And then Ventus. He spends his time feeling EXTREMELY guilty of destroying Sora and Riku's home, and being flat out abused by an extremely wrathful Sora. Then he dies. Horribly, brutally, and flat out MURDERED by Saïx, who gives zero fucks over killing an old friend of his. That is without going into every little detail, because, in short, someone gets hurt at least once a chapter.
  • In the My Little Pony/BioShock fanfic Vision, Siren's stay in the city has been this. Which is understandable, given that the plot circles around taking a somewhat petty and pampered artist and putting her in Rapture.
  • Summer Days And Evening Flames: Poor, poor Iron Bulwark. From June to August, he's torn between his griffon girlfriend and best friend who hates griffins, both of whom are guards under his command, and then has to deal with his best friend attempting to murder his girlfriend and then a violent breakup with said girlfriend. He takes to drinking for a few weekings, and then when things are finally looking up after reconciling with both Gilda and Starfall, his mentor, Sherry, starts a gang war that gets two dozen of his officers killed, and his girlfriend is nearly killed in said gang war. When confronted, Sherry assaults Iron and runs off to join the Mafia, and gets Iron fired through her connections when Iron puts out her arrest warrant, and Iron is remitted to the guard as a mere sergeant. Eventually, things get better as he and Gilda grow closer and he comes to enjoy his new position, but that was a long way to fall.
  • Just about everything that happens to the old miner in The Blessed Disaster. Dead parents, dead brother, awful job. Then the Pale Girl shows up...and dies. You do not Earn Your Happy Ending more than this guy did.
  • This trope sums up the core of the Total Drama story Courtney and the Violin of Despair, as befits the Revenge Fic setup. Courtney continues to behave normally for the most part, but she begins to lose her love of music. She just as gradually begins to rediscover it after she is freed of the curse.
  • Attelus Kaltos of the 40k Secret War. His whole life seems to be this, from one horrible thing after another: as a teenager his whole planet was embroiled by war, his city bombarded from orbit and he was one of the few survivors. For months he lived alone and was eventually forced to cannibalism to survive. But before that it's heavily implied his mother did something horrible to him as a child, this isn't elaborated on. In Secret War, the girl he loved tried to kill him. Then when he finally professes his love, she's immediately killed, then her body stolen and taken off world, this after, during their fight, she dealt him a horrific scar across his cheek which will be there forever to remind him of this constantly and it only gets gets worse, far far worse from there. He's so far type A but is very close to losing it, and becoming a full on type D.
  • Celestia begins The God Empress of Ponykind as The Empress, brimming with confidence and ready to rebuild her empire. Then her beloved sister (who has become increasingly unstable due to The Corruption) runs off and nearly gets herself killed in a war, and although Celestia saves her and her army Luna angrily accuses her of being a Glory Hound. Then Celestia is Mind Raped by some of Sombra's magic, causing her to see a vision where She was the one that turned evil during the Horus Heresy. Then, when she tries to make amends with Luna, she finds that her sister has been taken over by The Corruption, starting a civil war that almost tears Equestria apart. Said war reveals that Celestia's oldest enemies, the Gods of Chaos, are still very much alive, and she is forced to imprison her sister in the moon. By the time the war is over, her confidence is replaced by a massive amount of self-loathing which carries over into the sequel, where Celestia laments that everything she cares about ends up being destroyed or corrupted.
  • The JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Persona 4 crossover A Different Kind of Truth. The main character is Johnny Joestar of Part 7, and it's made abundantly clear that his life sucked as much as it did in canon. At the age of seven his big brother dies, thanks to a white mouse that may or may not have been Johnny's recently freed pet Danny and making Johnny constantly blame himself since. At the age of fourteen Johnny has to hear from his dad that NONE of the awards and achievements he earned since becoming a jockey mattered since he's not his brother, and has never visited even ONE of Johnny's races. Johnny then gets into a fight with and nearly kills his own father (In his older brother's own room, much to Johnny's shame) and has to hear his father say that Johnny should have been killed instead of his brother. Not even a few hours after that Johnny is yearning to feel accepted by someone, even if it's his bitchy date of the week. He kicks a guy out of a club line to prove himself to said date, and gets shot in the back as a result. He then wakes up in a hospital, finds out he's crippled, spends a lot of his time crying and laying in his own filth with neither any of his false friends, date, or his father visiting him. Needless to say, Johnny has a LOT of trust issues and is Not Good with People thanks to the experience.
  • Tsali's backstory/Start of Darkness in Sonic X: Dark Chaos was a conga line of epic proportions. First, his home planet is annihilated and his family was killed when he was only ten. The Seedrians rescued him and then Cosmo's father Luke decided to use him in a demented attempt to defeat a Demon invasion of their homeworld. Tsali gets turned into a combat android powered by Dark Chaos Energyvery painfully—and Tsali promptly goes completely crazy from rage once he finally breaks out. He ends up slaughtering the entire Seedrian race before getting several dozen nuclear weapons dropped on him by Cosmo's mother Hertia. He barely survives by making a literal Deal with the Devilbecoming a pawn of the very same person who destroyed his home planet—and is forced to fight a brutal one-man war across the galaxy for revenge against the Metarex... yeah. And just to rub it all in, he hired a group of mercenaries to help him, one of them being his (still living) younger sister only for them to eventually betray him and force him to murder all of them. It's telling that when Dark Chaos begins thirty years later, he's been so utterly brutalized by his experiences that he considers disemboweling children to be a source of cheap entertainment.
  • The Conference Wives series in NUMB3RS fandom. The author has Charlie Eppes having a child with lesbians he knew from grad school, except he rarely gets to see his son for the first few years of his life because they live on the East Coast and are paranoid about homophobic reactions from Charlie's parents, since their own parents reacted that way when they each came out. One of the mothers dies in a car crash orchestrated by her father, who runs a hate group; the other mother was in the car at the time and is heavily implied to have been beaten to death by the father's hate group cronies. Alan has a homophobic freak out (which is OOC for him & therefore purely inserted for its Break the Cutie angst value). Charlie is kidnapped and tortured by Marshall Penfield twice, including being raped by him and having a Pi symbol carved into his back. And the author does all this with Charlie suffering almost none of the psychological damage that this would inflict and what damage is done seems to resolve itself in nothing flat. A definite Result F scenario.
  • Solitary Locust is centered around one for Twilight Sparkle, starting with her accidentally turning herself into a changeling.
  • In the MLP AU Fic Actually, I'm Dead, Trixie dies after taking off the Alicorn Amulet, only to be revived as a Lich like creature that can not feel anything, has to wear a cloak outside, because the very ponies who's attention she used to crave mistake her for the Grim Reaper, and her body is still slowly decaying. And when it looks like things are finally looking up she dies AGAIN and is brought back as more animalistic monster. Owe, and that is not even getting into her backstory.
  • Over the course of the Kung Fu Panda fic The Vow, Lady Lianne, Lord Shen's Love Interest, goes through a troubled life. Her otherwise content childhood is marred by his ambitious father's inability to show his love toward his only child. As soon as Lianne's womanhood blossoms, her father foists suitors after suitors upon her so that she'd birth a grandson as the family legacy's heir. When she eventually has had enough and confronts him, she's punished by being sent to live for a year with Gongmen City's nobles she doesn't know. Though she warms up to Shen and his kindly parents, she goes through a brief kidnapping experience. When she gets a word that her beloved mother has fallen ill, she rushes home where her father intends to continue pressuring her into marriage. Then Lianne's mother dies and Lianne is grief-stricken, but then she admits her love toward Shen and agrees to marry him. However, the blissful wedding is interrupted with the revelation that the man Lianne is about to marry has committed mass murder. Shen is banished from Gongmen, leaving Lianne to rule Gongmen competently but unhappy. When Shen returns after thirty years and takes over Gongmen City, he imprisons Lianne (killing a friend of hers along the way), intending to conquer China and forcibly make her his queen. For the following weeks Lianne struggles with having to see the depths the man she still loves has fallen into, trying both to stop him and make him come to his senses. After she marries Shen out of her own will yet is driven away by him, she returns to her birth home and makes peace with her estranged father just before he passes away. Right after that, Lianne hears that her husband has apparently died. After getting a final confirmation of it, she's ready to die and only her pregnancy prevents her from doing that. Fortunately, Shen returns to Lianne and they manage to live together with their son.
  • In Renegades Oliver, Laurel, Nyssa, and Constantine try to restore Sara's soul and are preyed on by astral parasites that force them to see their worst fears/insecurities. Laurel is truly put through the ringer, in short order: preisland!Oliver throws his infidelity in her face and mockingly tells her "you were never enough for me"; her father brings up her addiction issues (she's clean currently for the record) and curses "I can’t believe I had to lose Sara and keep you”; her mother brings up her addiction issues too and dismisses her as a failure; Tommy blames her for his death, also brings up her addition, calls her an Inadequate Inheritor to Sara, The Load to her friends, and reminds her of the night she contemplated suicide, and encourages her to finish the job this time. Interestingly, she's able to bounce back fairly quickly once they successfully restore Sara's soul, but Oliver is deeply troubled by it (he saw everything the parasites put her through), recognizing just how much he failed her.
  • The Flashpoint fanfic "Beauty of Life" series beginning with is this for Sam Braddock. He already had a fair amount of trauma in his canonical past, but this takes it to the next level and then some.
    • At the age of nine, his sister is killed by a drunk driver right in front of him, note  and a series of misheard and misunderstood remarks lead him to believe his parents blame him for the accident.
    • He also ends up having to be separated from his mother and surviving sister and raised at the military training base while his father works because he has a panic attack every time he passes the location where his sister died. Because of this, his father is forced to leave him behind when he goes home to take care of his wife's medical emergency, and one of the men he entrusts Sam's care to turns out to be a violent pedophile.
    • When he is finally able to move back home, he is attacked on his first day back in school because a jock thinks Sam is trying to steal his girlfriend. He ends up running away to live with his godmother (one of the few breaks in his Trauma Conga Line).
    • He enters the police force only to end up in a nest of crooked cops; he becomes their victim himself when he refuses to cover for them, and then his fellow officers turn on him for crossing the "blue line".
    • He quits the police force to join the Army, only to find that many people automatically resent him and make assumptions that he must be spoiled and propped up by nepotism just for being the son of a General, despite all the evidence to the contrary staring him in the face.
    • He becomes the pet Butt-Monkey of an arrogant, self-centered major who believes that Sam's father's success is responsible for his lack thereof and torments Sam to hurt his father. Among his more vile acts are arranging for Sam to be kidnapped and torture to death by the enemy; when he is rescued instead, the Major then arranges for him to kill his best friend in a supposed Friendly Fire accident, note  thinking Sam will commit suicide out of guilt.
    • Devastated, Sam leaves the army and tries to rejoin the police force, but the unit he's assigned to usually selects its own members and they initially hate Sam because he was forced on them note . Though the unit members are among those that he manages to win over and develop a positive relationship with.
    • Throughout the series, he is forced to contend with old enemies seeking revenge (in many cases for petty grudges)and a penchant for running into new trouble. It's almost more remarkable if he isn't in danger.
    • On top of all this, every time one of his many incidents hits the news, there is someone (usually a minor but significant character) who is convinced he is the guilty party. Some eventually come to see their error, but others continue to insist he is a Karma Houdini, even after he is vindicated.
    • On a minor level, even when he's not in serious danger, it's a Running Gag that he's an injury magnet. It's so common that the author even lampshades it with a mostly-humorous compilation story of Sam's bizarre injury incidents.
  • Kimberly T's Gargoyles fanfic series- set after the first two seasons of the show- introduces the character of Anne Marsden in the story "Unsolved Mysteries", and reveals that she has gone through a significant amount of trauma through collateral damage of Xanatos's actions; her husband was killed in the Lost Nights as one of Demona's victims, and during the Big Sleep, her best friend died in a car accident and the daycare centre where she worked was destroyed when a truck crashed into it, forcing Anne onto the streets with her two-year-old daughter Bethany because she couldn't afford a place to live. However, after Anne ends up living in the Labyrinth while Xanatos tries to find everyone there jobs as part of his plans to reform himself, Xanatos vows to ensure that she gets top priority when looking for job opportunities even before they realise that Bethany has Fey heritage from her father's side, prompting Owen to suggest that Anne be hired as the Xanatos' nanny so that he/Puck can teach Bethany while teaching Alex.
  • In Ghosts of the Past, sequel to Child of the Storm, Harry is put through the ringer during the Forever Red arc. Captured by the Red Room and taken to a base in the Nevernever (where subjective time means the few days in the real world pass like months) and repeatedly tortured in an attempt to break him. Then Maddie's well-meaning attempt to help him escape by transferring his mind into his Phoenix feather just leads to his Empty Shell being brainwashed into the super solider known as the Red Son, who is then used to commit mass murder and brainwashing in order to recreate the Russian Empire. When the heroes try to bring the Red Son to heel, the Transmode Virus he was infected with transforms nearly half his body into machinery, which Magneto has to tear out to subdue him, costing him an arm and a leg. And when his mind is restored to his body, he's so overwhelmed by suddenly having all this dumped on him that he snaps, becoming the Dark Phoenix (which on the bright side restores his damaged body), going on a rampage before being talked down. Understandably, after all this he's left severely traumatized for quite some time afterwards.
  • Weight of the World is no picnic for America. He was captured, experimented on, and vivisected by Atlas. Vale's Aura is forced into him piece by piece in a painful and torturous fashion. He is greatly burdened by his unwanted responsibility to save the world. Yang beats him up and shoots him with not a single person stepping in to help him. He is Mind Raped by Vale for weeks and wakes up with amnesia. He travels with criminals who pretend to be his friends but then betray and almost murder him. Raven then slits his throat to "keep him out of Salem's hands". Then he is taken hostage by Tyrian and Emerald. England almost tricks him into performing a ritual that would doom Vale's people and he flees… only to be captured by Atlas once more and whisked back to Remnant. All of this has America teetering on the edge of a Despair Event Horizon, with him suffering multiple breakdowns throughout the series as he slowly crumbles under the pressure.
  • The Stargate SG-1 fanfic Guilt Undone puts Samantha Carter through a series of emotional blows; first she feels guilty over leaving Daniel Jackson broken-hearted when she turned down his request for a date by saying that she only saw him as a brother, then feels even sorrier when Daniel asks to be alone on their next mission, only for things to go as wrong as they could go when Daniel's attacked and killed by the planet's natives, with his last words being to weakly 'assure' Sam that it's not her fault she doesn't love him back. Sam spends the next month feeling increasingly guilty about how she caused Daniel so much pain before he died when all he wanted was a date, and it becomes even worse on the one-month anniversary of his death when she realises that she was in love with him all along. Even when she's given the chance to hit the Reset Button and go back in time to save him, Sam still has a breakdown when Daniel (who naturally has no idea why she's so upset over a 'dream' she had last night) thanks her for always being there for him, and nearly has an even greater breakdown when Daniel is still injured on the mission that caused his death before Jack confirms that Daniel survived his wound.
  • In Thieves Can Be Heroes!, poor Izuku has it rough. He grew up as the only Quirkless kid among his peers, who were all quick to mock him and stomp all over his dreams of becoming a hero like All Might, leaving him without a single person to call a friend after his neighbor Makoto moved away. Just weeks before the U.A. Entrance Exam, he tries to help a woman who was in the middle of being raped by a drunken man, only for said woman to turn on him and accuse him of assaulting her. Not only does this saddle him with a criminal record, but the trial also makes him miss the entrance exam, denying him any hope of becoming a hero. Then he's sent away to live with a complete stranger for a year while serving out his probation. Izuku's new guardian doesn't hesitate to tell him that he doesn't care about Izuku one bit and Izuku's teachers at his new school all treat him like the lowest scum on Earth. Then he's accidentally sucked into the Metaverse, bludgeoned into unconsciousness, and nearly executed by monsters. After all this, he discovers that his new criminal record has been leaked to the student body. His classmates proceed to vilify and spread rumors about him at every turn.
  • In the Danganronpa fanfic Fractured Fates, Chapter 2 puts Asuna Izumi through quite a bit of torment. It all starts when her best friend and older sister figure Kaneki Tenmaru is found murdered, and Asuna herself is the first one to find her body. Then, through a series of bad decisions and being in the wrong place at the wrong time, she finds herself as the prime suspect in the murder. It gets to the point where she is nearly convicted as the blackened, only saved through Hana's unwavering belief in her innocence. As if that wasn't traumatic enough, evidence reveals that Kaneki was not the killer's intended victim- it was Asuna whom the killer was targeting. Not only did Kaneki find out about this, but she attempted to thwart the killer's plan and was murdered as a result, essentially taking Asuna's place as the victim. Finally, the end of the trial reveals that Kaneki had been living with an immense amount of guilt and sadness stemming from an incident in her past, something that Asuna was completely unaware of despite being Kaneki's closest friend. Needless to say, it's hard to wonder why Asuna loses it somewhat come Chapter 3.
  • Cabin Fever: Katara. So much. First, her mother gets killed in a Fire Nation raid. Two, she's captured during the same raid. Three, she's taken to a prison for waterbenders, where she is cooped up in a cage, made to wear prison rags and forced to go barefoot, is only given enough food and water to survive while being severely malnourished and dehydrated, is burned by the guards whenever they get bored, and endures all of this in prison for 3 years. And after she is freed by Hama, she is forced to learn bloodbending. And then she has to amputate one of her patients' legs - while he is still conscious.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton (Danny Phantom, Western Animation, TV Series, and Comic Books.): Vicky from The Fairly OddParents! gets this at the hands of Danny. Using his invisibility, he throws a sticky bun at Vicky's head, causes her trip over a can, which causes a bucket of paint to fall on her head, after which she falls into a pile of garbage. She throws the can of paint into a pile of bees, which proceed to sting and chase after her after being attracted to the garbage and sticky bun stuck on her body.


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