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  • In The Dreamcatchers Masquerade, Kai and Vena are both yanked into another world as their own reality falls to pieces.
  • Invoked in Erfworld, with the summoning of the protagonist, Parson Gotti.
    Parson: What's the lesson here? "Be careful what you wish for?" This isn't what I wished for!
    Wanda: Ha! You didn't wish for this world, Parson Gotti. It wished for you.
  • If you count the "Torg Potter" stories as examples, this happens over a dozen times in Sluggy Freelance.
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  • Fur Will Fly: The protagonist is trapped in another world populated by furries.
  • The main character of Astray 3, Emily, is transported to another world by walking into a closet. She's not the only one to be magically whisked away like this, either.
  • Kagerou starts out with this trope, and then does really nasty things to it. It's a long story and involved multiple personality disorder, among other things.
  • Lucco in Fite! though it's actually a Journey to the Center of the Mind.
  • The whole plot of Miamaska, as Amity and Guere are stuck there.
  • Homestuck: Anybody who plays SBURB will be transported into the Incipisphere. However, the series is more of a Deconstruction of the trope, as the home planet and eventually the universe of the players is destroyed once they leave.
  • The plight of the titular characters in Bob and George, but eventually one character even points out that they are not from any megaman dimension, but nobody seems to care anymore. Given that it was actually a conspiracy to do it to Bob, and he tried to do it to George in revenge...
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  • Fiona is summoned to an Alternate Universe Earth by Jim and Van in Supernormal Step.
  • In Dubious Company, after Izor's plan goes haywire, the AntiHeroes and AntiVillains are thrown into another dimension and struggle to find a way back.
  • Zoophobia: Cameron is stuck in the world of talking animals and insane entities when she is unknowingly employed to work as a guidance counsellor there.
  • In The Wormworld Saga, Jonas finds a portal to another world on the attick of his grandmother's house. He's Genre Savvy enough to take a thread of yarn with him to prevent the portal from closing behind him. Too bad their cat Wiggins ends up cutting his safety rope while playing with it.
  • Reman Mythology starts with a curious young woman who finds herself trapped after following a young man with suspiciously supernatural abilities.
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  • A courier in Kukuburi delivers a package only to find a crazy technicolor world.
  • Winters In Lavelle siblings find that their father's shiny rock leads to a world with more shiny rocks.
  • Vacationers contend with deadly water in Between Two Worlds while looking for a lost cat.
  • Sul from Kiss Wood is caught in a fire that destroys his home and blinds him. After a couple of days in the hospital, he loses consciousness and is trapped in a place called Hill. He later learns he's not the only one who has been transported this and left; Ahbon is another person this happened to.
  • This comic from Penny Arcade suggests this type of plot for the in-development Warcraft (2016) film, as well as demonstrating other tropes such as the Jerk Jock, The Cheerleader, and the Lovable Nerd who chooses to stay behind in the end.
  • At Arm's Length: A new character was introduced, coming from another reality. Sadly, nobody knows how he got there, aside from him just appearing on a roof top, or how to send him back. In the mean time, he will be disguised as a native, and is technically an Alien Among Us as well.
  • In the first chapter of Snarlbear, the main character is pulled into the Rainbow Dimension with no obvious way home — much to her glee.
  • Children of Eldair: The main characters are snatched away from Earth and deposited in the world of Eldair.
  • In Goodbye to Halos the main character was send through a portal to another world by her father, with no idea how to reopen the portal to get back. Played with in that both worlds are equally fantastic, populated by Little Bit Beastly people, and the Ambiguously Human protagonist fits in in neither.
  • In Accidental Centaurs, Alex and Sam not only get transported into another world, they get turned into centaurs as well (or at least they SEE themselves as centaurs - in reality, they transformed into something so strange that they'd go insane if they knew what they REALLY were).
  • In El Goonish Shive, Andrea the griffon gets lost in the human "half" of the world and has to be retrieved by her partner Tara.
  • In Ocean Labyrinth, Karen is transported to an underwater world after getting lost at the beach.
  • In Yokoka's Quest, Grace travelled from Earth to Cisum via the Mirror Path, located in a Las Vegas museum basement. It didn't appear as though travel back to Earth the same way was possible, though Grace is enjoying her time as the Token Human, and hasn't been shown even trying to find a way back. There has been mention of other humans living within the Metals Clan.
  • Chitra follows the standard isekai plotline — the protagonist, an average 21st century high school girl, is run down by a speeding truck, and a god offers her a second chance at life in a fantasy world. She'll have to complete quests, gain power, and utilize RPG mechanics to level up her skills. Not to mention the harem of beautiful men she can acquire to help her on her journey, which she gains by using the god's exclusive gacha system to summon powerful pretty-boy allies.
    Phobinus, the God of Beauty: The reason why I'm here is to give you a new opportunity — The chance to live a second life! Of course it's not for free. You'll have to complete tasks given by me in your new life.
  • The story of Star Trip follows modern-day human Jas on a journey around the galaxy after she's taken by a mysterious alien named Khut. After leaving the system, it's impossible for her to return to Earth for at least a year. After Earth is devastated off-screen by a solar flare, she won't be going back at all.
  • Parodied in Nerf NOW!!: Victoire is set up to be the protagonist of an isekai with a typical opening of running late to her job and about to be hit by a truck...only for the truck to be hit by a bigger truck. This ends up making the truck the protagonist trapped in another world.
  • Deconstructed in one xkcd strip, in which a teenager gets sucked into a parallel universe, saves the kingdom, returns to the real world ... and realises he now has to spend the rest of his life pretending that never happened, or people will think he's delusional.
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon fancomic PMD: Gleaming Hearts has Jake, a semi-amnesiac human-turned-Riolu who appears to have been brought to the Pokemon-populated world by a Diancie whose power was about to be stolen by a crooked Slowking and used to spread The Corruption. Instead she imbued half her power in Jake, including the ability to cleanse the corrupted crystals.


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