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  • While their trip to Creturia was intentional, the Dimensional Guardians from the web fiction serial Dimension Heroes find themselves trapped in the world until they can find the objects they need to both save the world and return home.
  • The serial web novel Elcenia starts out with protagonist Rhysel being summoned to the titular Magical Land. Unusual in that Rhysel is from a different Magical Land herself.
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  • This happens in the gender bender The Finite Life of a Dating Sim Heroine to the main character Michio, which takes place in the titular dating sim.
  • The heroes of The Dragon Wars Saga are examples, although it's insinuated they could leave if they knew how and really wanted to do so.
  • In Trinton Chronicles very first story (Fantasia), all of the characters end up in a portion of the Fairy Realm or something similar.
  • According to Robert Brockway of Cracked, the need for a "straight man" in a Magical Land story is one of the 4 Realizations That Will Ruin Science Fiction for You.
  • Engines of Creation features an entire town and its people from western Canada trapped in a world known as the Pactlands.
  • In Cradleland, a passenger airliner is transported by a portal to another planet.
  • The Travelers of Worm are eventually revealed to be an example of this trope seen from the other side. Initially a professional gamer group in the significantly less apocalyptic Earth Aleph, they were transported to Earth Bet by a freak accident and gained superpowers. In their search for a way home, they became supervillains, and cause a great many deaths, eventually culminating in Noelle going on a rampage that sees dozens of superheroes dead. In the end, only four of the original seven get to go home.
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  • In Reasoning, Mason, Beverly, Grant, and Macy all get tricked into going through a portal that transports and traps them in an alternate realm called Aevum.
  • This is the central premise of The Lay of Paul Twister: the main character is from Earth, and he doesn't know how or why he ended up stuck in a Magical Land, but with technology just barely at early Renaissance levels, most of his modern skills aren't applicable to society, so he has to live by his wits as a rogue of sorts to get by...
  • Parodied in The Onion's Investigators: First 48 Hours Most Critical In Locating Missing Children Who Entered Portal To Fantastical World, which expounds tips to parents for finding children who are already inside one of these before it's too late and advice to prevent this situation from occurring altogether.
    "When Elizabeth and William went out to play in the garden one day last summer, I thought it would only be a matter of time before they came home hungry for supper," said Tabitha Newsom, whose children went missing after crawling through a hollow log into a world where everything is made of gemstones. 'But once I’d contacted the authorities, they had already been enlisted to lead the Army Of The Seven Pendants and were embroiled in a tense battle with the Ruby Kingdom... I never should have allowed them to follow that giant, glimmering butterfly"
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  • I Went to Another World, but Got Sent Back with My Party?: Damian Nemeth had been pulled into a Cliché Storm medieval fantasy world, formed an party and had many weird adventures...but the story isn't about those adventures. When the story begins, it's not him that's trapped in a strange world, it's his party members, courtesy of the Demon Lord. And the world they're trapped in? Ours.
  • Legend Of The Otherworld Traveler features protagonist Ryan Tyrell appearing on the world of Amanria with no indication of how or why he's suddenly appeared, or if there's a way back to his home world of Earth.


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