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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Doctor Who

  • In the "Transitions" series, Rose realizes that she’s trans, eventually adopting the new name of ‘Ryan Peter Tyler’. While the Doctor, Jackie, Mickey and Sarah Jane accept Rose’s transition to Ryan (after a brief denial on Jackie’s part when she’s first told about Rose’s epiphany), Pete’s uncertainty about it prompts Ryan to remain with the Doctor rather than ever travel to the other world when the Doctor gives him the option. As the series continues, Ryan is receiving hormone injections and introduces himself as male, but expresses discomfort when in the past during “The Shakespeare Code”, and has avoided trying to define his relationship with the Doctor.

Harry Potter

  • In Formerly Known as Harry Potter?, Harry is taken in by Social Services at age four. She transitions as Lily by age five and is adopted by the Grangers, being raised as Hermione's sister.
  • Magical Metamorphosis is about a transgender Harry Potter, who eventually chooses the name Holly. It is very in depth and accurate about the trans experience, though with added fantastical elements.
  • got the sunshine is a oneshot that explores what being trans in the magical world would be like. Ginny is a trans girl and Luna is genderfluid.

The Fairly Oddparents

  • Here by Accident, Staying on Purpose is an AU comic where Timmy reunites with Trixie as adults and comes out to her as a trans woman.
  • I Wish is a oneshot based on how Timmy met his fairy godparents. In it, Timmy is a trans boy (and Cosmo is trans too, explaining his pregnancy). Cosmo and Wanda already knew his preferred name before being told.

Kingdom Hearts

  • Beyond the Borders:
    • The protagonist, Rachel is a trans girl. To her great dismay, she appears to be the only visibly trans person in the entire Kingdom Hearts multiverse, putting her in the awkward position of being everyone's only source of information on the subject.
    If one asked directly, there were myriad ways Rachel might describe her gender, from "I'm a girl and that's a weird question to ask" to "none gender with left catgirl", depending on her mood that day.
    • Rachel's friend Sarah uses ey/em/eir pronouns, implying that ey's non-binary.
    • Riley says "I don't think I have much of a gender" and uses they/them pronouns, though as they weren't conventionally "born", it's unclear whether they have a birth-assigned gender to identify differently from.

Land of Oz

  • Due to being Raised as the Opposite Gender and initially not wanting to transform back into a girl, it's common to depict Princess Ozma as either a trans boy or as nonbinary. One example is The Gender Ninja of Oz, a oneshot where Ozma feels uncomfortable being either female or male, so they uses the Magic Belt to turn themself more androgynous.
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  • Lightning is a Dorothy/Tip oneshot where Tip refused to be turned back into a female and decided to stay as Tip.

The Legend of Zelda

Life Is Strange

  • Bloom re-imagines Max Caulfield as a trans girl who recently started taking hormones.


My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • The Bright Side Of The Moon is a fic where Luna comes out as a trans stallion after repressing it for a millennium.
  • Clair De Lune is a Twilight/Luna fic where Luna comes out as a trans stallion.
  • Lopoddity: Sweetie Belle and Rumble's daughter Prima Donna is a trans filly who came out at a young age.
  • Pandemic features multiple trans characters in the side stories, most prominently Tonya and Phobia.
  • Trans Ponies is an unfinished comic where Rainbow Dash leaves to get a magic procedure done that will transition him into a stallion.


One Piece

  • The Butcher Bird: GEMINI identifies as 'they', and is a Hive Mind of two individuals - one biologically male, one biologically female.

The Penguins of Madagascar

Peter Pan

  • Neverland is a 400-word story that reinterprets Peter Pan as a trans boy who rescues trans children.


  • The oneshot The Beauty In Ugliness turns Gladion into Lillie's identical twin and a trans boy. He faced abuse by his mother Lusamine, which led to him eventually running away from home.
  • Celadon's New Blossom is a story about how Ash is Disguised in Drag after he becomes Erika's student. He is a cisgender crossdresser, but to go along with the guise his ID is changed for simplicity's sake. A Pokémon League investigator comes to inquire on the change and comes to the conclusion that Ash is transgender. Ash is too stunned to deny her. In the end, Erika and Ash both conclude that maybe people thinking he's a trans girl will make things easier for now. It'll be trouble when he eventually goes back to Ash, but for now Ash uses being trans as cover-up for whenever people learn that he's male.
  • The plot of Dark Secrets revolves around Cassidy being outed as a trans woman.
  • Denounce the Evils:
    • Harley is a trans woman who has dealt with the media's transphobia after coming out.
    • James had always thought he was Camp Gay until he's reunited with Harley. He figures he has an Ambiguous Gender Identity and goes to Harley for help. It's implied that James might be genderfluid.
    • Ash is revealed to be a trans boy late in the story.
    • Misty is also heavily implied to be a trans girl.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines reveals that Melissa is a trans woman. This is a nod to how her anime counterpart was male in the original Japanese, but was dubbed as female.
  • Yamujiburo: One of James and Jessie's kids, Jean, is non-binary.

Ranma ½


  • The Real Weiss Schnee revolves around Weiss coming out as a trans man after he's forced to go in disguise.
  • RWBY: Scars:
    • In the RWBY rewrite RWBY: Scars, Ruby is a trans girl who began hormones prior to the story. She comes out to her teammates Weiss and Blake in chapter 20 after her girlfriend Penny comes out about being an android. Penny's troubles and desire to be thought of as a "real girl" resonated with Ruby to the point of causing her to tear up and out herself.
    • Jaune is a transgender boy. He transitioned right before coming to Beacon. He cut off his ponytail, stole his grandfather's sword, and ran off without telling his family.
    • After being dragged back home by their father, Weiss notices that her twin Whitley has transitioned. Whitley keeps his Gender-Blender Name even after transitioning.
  • Silver Rings and Golden Hearts:
    • James has trouble adopting Penny because she's a special needs trans girl. He gets his friend Qrow to marry him and pretend to be his lover in order to make the adoption process easier.
    • Mercury is a young trans boy adopted by Roman and Junior.
  • #Trans Stuff is a oneshot where Jaune is nervous about telling his girlfriend Pyrrha that he's transgender. As it turns out, not only is Pyrrha herself trans too but she was in a celebrity ad campaign for trans youth a few years back. Ruby is also trans in the oneshot and is the first person Jaune came out to besides his family.
  • Yang in the Alternate Universe Fic White Noise is a trans woman. Her dysphoria plays a huge role in her relationship with others, especially her Love Interest Weiss.

Some Like It Hot

  • Had to be you depicts Jerry as a genderfluid person who genuinely enjoys being "Daphne" sometimes even though he doesn't need to disguise himself as a woman anymore but still prefers to present as male sometimes too. Osgood is extremely supportive of him as he struggles to come to terms with his fluid gender identity; Joe less so, but he eventually comes around.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Spyro the Dragon

Steven Universe

Story of Seasons

  • Do You Believe In Fairies?:
    • One of the Harvest Sprites, Edge, is agender and uses "they/them" pronouns.
    • Julius is non-binary and he usually uses "he/him" pronouns.

Total Drama

  • Total Trauma:
    • Cody is a trans man. The beginning of his arc has him get dumped by Sierra because she wants a biological child and he's unable to get her pregnant.
    • Harold is nonbinary, but refuses to specify their exact gender, instead referring to themself as a Homestuck fan.


Undertale and Deltarune

  • The human characters in both Undertale and its currently-unreleased successor Deltarune are cases of Ambiguous Gender, but due to they/them pronouns being used throughout for Frisk and Chara in Undertale, and also for Kris in Deltarune, one common interpretation of the characters is that they are non-binary. For reference, on Archive of Our Own, fanfiction is often tagged with what gender or pronouns the author used for these characters, and the number of fanfiction with them explicitly tagged and written as non-binary (or agender, or genderfluid) has hundreds of results.
  • Several monsters in the game are also referred to with they/them pronouns, including Napstablook and Monster Kid, and likewise a common interpretation is that they are also non-binary. Two ghost monsters (Mettaton in his backstory and Mad Mew Mew in the Switch release) also go from using they/them pronouns to using gendered pronouns upon uniting with their vessel and becoming corporeal, and in the process begin using new names, which reminded some fans of transitioning.
  • In Ask Drunk Chara, Chara and Frisk accept both they/them and he/him pronouns.
  • In Ask Frisk and Company, all of the fallen humans are revealed to have been different flavors of non-binary due to the Exact Words of the prophecy compelling them to go to Mt Ebott. Frisk and Chara specifically are agender.
  • If We Fall Down has Chara and Frisk as the non-binary main leads. The sequel adds Silas, a new main character who's also a trans man, and also reveals that the Kindness soul had been a trans girl named Marijane. Transphobia played a role in Frisk's and Chara's Dark and Troubled Pasts, and while transgender people appear to be more accepted in the present day, some characters still show transphobic thinking or are mentioned as being transphobic. The Munificent Seven shows monsters are perplexed by some humans' attitudes towards gender, especially the notion that someone's gender is assigned at birth.
  • As of February 2021, the official Tumblr for the popular Inverted Fate Role Swap AU has confirmed that Frisk and Chara are canonically non-binary. This followed the release of secret page 28 hidden on this terminal, which was written from Chara's perspective.
  • Frisk and Chara are also non-binary in Magicae Est Potestas (a crossover with Artemis Fowl), with the author including more explanation on it in the notes for Chapter 46 on how Frisk and Chara began identifying that way in their backstories after seeing more diverse ideas of gender in the Underground.

Warrior Cats

  • Blood! Rusty AU:
    • The AU contains a few transgender cats, such as Ruth and Brick.
    • Dusk comes out to Rusty as non-binary, with their seemingly mean attitude coming from trying too hard to emulate mollies in the Clan.
  • The Warriors fic Little Fires is about a tortoiseshell OC who is a transgender she-cat. Considering how tortie toms work, Emberpaw has heavy implications of being intersex as well.
  • In Warriors: The Power of Three (Rewrite/AU), Mothwing is transgender. She and Leafpool had a Forbidden Love and had the Three together.
  • Warriors Rewrite:
    • Firestar is changed from a cisgender tom instead a transgender tom. He transitioned as a kit.
    • To explain how he's a tortie tom, Redtail is a transgender tomcat.

The Wicked Years

  • The Love Club: Elphaba is non-binary. She doesn't have preferred pronouns, so Fiyero defaults to "they/them", Glinda uses "she/her", and Crope uses "he/him".