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  • In Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, parts of "Slipping" sound like this before he takes out the gun, as does the lyric "It's gonna be bloody/Head up Billy buddy", sung with eerie calm.
    • "Brand New Day", especially the first verse. Just...guh.
  • In The Salvation War: Armageddon?, the Soldiers in the PLFH (particularly Aeanas) experience this when they come across the demonic merchants who sell human children as delicacies:
    "Aeanas stared at the scene with cold fury. He did not angrily demand that they throw caution to the wind and charge in to save the children, a hot-blooded rage that blinded its victim to common sense would have called for that. Instead, stone-faced, he watched the merchant empty his wagon, pack up his other trinkets, and be off down the rutted dirt road. So did Cassidy and McElroy. There would be a time for vengeance, a time when debts like this one would be paid, but this was not it. Three humans attacking 300 baldricks with edged weapons was simply a way to die. Or be thrown back in the lava streams."
    • In Pantheocide, Lemuel has a moment of "cold fury that he had not known for millennia" when he finds that Onniel has beaten one of his servants unconscious for obeying him over her, culminating in her getting publicly repudiated.
    • "Yahweh had gone beyond raving anger. He was now possessed by a cold, deadly determination to destroy the opposition to him that had so suddenly and unexpectedly erupted."
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  • Linkara getting angry is shouting and speaking in an immature tone. Lewis Lovhaug getting angry is deathly cold and collected. As Justice League: Cry for Justicenote , Holy Terror, and Youngblood #10 found the hard way, you don't push him to that point. Also the entirety of his Man of Steel vlog.
  • Ink City saw Optimus Prime go into this when Trevor kidnapped Aisling. Trevor's insistence on blatantly lying about her presence reminded him all too much of the Decepticons, causing him to very calmly and methodically tear Goodchild's compound apart.
  • In a retrospective video of the worst movies he's ever reviewed as The Nostalgia Critic, one can practically taste the rage that Doug Walker is barely containing when he's talking about the number one pick (through most of it, anyway).
    • This is very much on display at the end of his review of Blues Brothers 2000, in which he rants, in a restrained tone, about how bad it is, compared to the original Blues Brothers.
      Critic: Movie, I'm not angry. Yes, I am. I'm furious, but there's something I'm even more, and that's... disappointed. I'm disappointed in you, movie. The same people that brought us a comedy classic, an icon, something they make statues of, has eighteen years to put together a follow-up, and this is what we get? May God rape you with a pickup truck. Slowly. With vengeance.
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  • Cecil, the mellow-voiced host of Welcome to Night Vale, never raises his voice when he's angry. Instead, his voice gets even more clipped, hollow, and intense, as he articulates his fury through perfectly-enunciated syllables that fall like lead bricks of doom upon the listener.
  • In Worm, Taylor enters this state when she believes Alexandria killed one of her friends. She coldly murders Alexandria and Tagg in retaliation.
  • Achievement Hunter
    • Ryan Haywood was once pranked into changing his gamertag from BM Vagabond to GiveMeYourMilk. Upon re-entering the office, his first sentence is "You guys are all fucked, you know that? The other AH guys are absolutely freaking out at how calm he is.
      Ryan: The kind of hell that I'm going to rain down on's just not don't even know. None of you understand. Like, I'm fine with no work being done in this office for weeks because of this.
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    • Geoff in "Build a Tower" combines tranquil fury with Unstoppable Rage to scary effect. Recovering from a head cold and really not in the mood for any trolling, Michael and Gavin both pushed him too far first resulting in Unstoppable Rage and a vicious pummeling - Michael to his character in-game, Gavin in real life - then followed up with this. The first time was just for a warning, but after the second instance, he spent the rest of the video speaking in an enraged whisper that left everyone scared.
  • Shadow of the Templar: Simon falls into this when Jeremy's kidnapped near the end of the third book. It's really freaky. Sandra, who's narrating, notes how strange it is...and how scared of/intimidated by Simon the rest of the team is.
  • Sketchbook from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared doesn't change their expression or have much of a noticeable reaction to anything. That doesn't mean they don't feel anything though. They seem to get mad when Red Guy insults them.
    Sketchbook: Now take a look at my hair! I use my hair to express myself!
    Red Guy: (flatly) That sounds really boring.
    Sketchbook: (with a hint of anger in their voice) I use my hair to express myself.
  • Isabel Lovelace of Wolf 359 sounds almost bored when angry. Her voice gets thick and quiet and terrifying.
  • Whateley Universe: Dr. Diabolik (Leonides Daibliku), when his children were the target of protestors and media outlets, he called each one of them up, at their homes, at their workplaces, on their mobiles... and calmly, politely, and non-threateningly explained to them that while he sympathized with them, attacking children over such a thing was a decidedly cowardly act. After that, the protestors just... went away.
  • The Last Podcast on the Left describes Richard "the Iceman" Kuklinski in these terms. Kuklinski is described as never raising his voice. The only sign that he was actually angry was a clicking noise he would make with his mouth. Marcus claimed that if you heard this sound, violence, and very probably death, was coming your way. A clip from his first documentary featuring this sound is played to demonstrate, and explained by Kuklinski being angered by a question the interviewer asked and realizing law enforcement officials were listening in.
  • In Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Gohan hits this when he enters Super-Duper Saiyannote  form. His voice is filled with collected anger and the only time he ever raises his voice is when he shouts out "HA!" firing a Kamehameha. He doesn't talk normal until Cell performs his Rage Quit.
    • Happens earlier in the Saiyan Saga after Vegeta, getting his tail cut off by Yajirobe while in Oozaru form, has him realize he should be so unbelievably pissed off, but he's just that mad that he's come full circle.
  • The Music Video Show has this in the sixth season finale where the host is speaking for a fake funeral for Jake Paul. He is very deadpan during his speech but the anger towards his targets are very clear he is pissed off, to the point where he swears, a first time this has happened.

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