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  • During the 2010 world cup, Walkers Crisps released a series of flavours based on trademark foods from each country. A few examples-
    • England – Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding
    • France- Garlic Baguette
    • Germany – Bratwurst Sausage
    • Spain – Chicken Paella
    • Italy – Spaghetti Bolognaise
    • The US – Cheese Burger
    • Argentina – Flame Grilled Steak
    • Japan – Teriyaki Chicken
  • Anti-environmentalist strawmen: Spotted owls, or any other endangered species.
    • Meanwhile, straw environmentalists are usually eating either granola or something composed of tofu.
  • Like fish? Enjoy your kittens... sea kittens, that is!
  • LOLCats and "cheezburgers"
    • LOLdogs and hot dogs
  • At least Leeroy Jenkins has chicken.
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  • Memetic Mutation says the entire community at loves bacon. Then again, There Are Two Kinds of People in the World: those that would kill for bacon, and those that can't eat it for religious or dietary reasons.
  • Not quite real life because it's more of general stereotypes, but stoners frequently eat pizza (specifically Domino's), and college students favor Taco Bell. These came from somewhat possible origins, Domino's delivers and Taco Bell is some of the cheapest food available.
    • Tabletop gamers, similarly, have Cheetos, Mountain Dew, and Twinkies.
      • The Mountain Dew has a logical reason: it provides caffeine without the time and equipment needed to make coffee.
      • Energy drinks such as Red Bull, V and Jolt Cola also count.
    • A stoner's favorite food is whatever's handy.
    • Although any liquid can help the throat of a stoner after smoking pot, Arizona Iced Tea usually gets referenced more often compared to other drinks.
    • A stereotypical example of a "stoner's favourite food" are funyuns. Expect most jokes referring to stoners made on late night talk shows to include a mention of the snack.
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    • One of the effects of marijuana is the rise of serotonin levels in your brain, making you feel hungry and enhancing your sense of taste, so pretty much anything with a lot of flavor, especially sweet or salty snacks, is most sought after by those of a stoned persuasion. Even something as bland as celery tastes good when you're stoned.
    • Everything tastes good when you're stoned. Even most of the foods you don't like.
    • Exploited Trope: When Washington State passed a vote to allow recreational marijuana use, the Seattle Police department showed up at the annual Hempfest gathering (the country's largest pro-pot rally) with free bags of Doritos and Funyuns. Each bag had a brief "dos and don'ts" flyer attached explaining the rights and restrictions of the new pot laws.
  • Contrary to popular belief, although rabbits do like carrots, the food they will actually go nuts for the most is bananas. Don't give them too much of either, however—they get bunny diabetes note .
    • Likewise with mice and peanut butter.
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  • Order the same thing from a restaurant every day (or as good as). They soon associate you with that food.


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