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An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Films — Animation

  • The Book of Life:
    • Jorge reveals Manolo loves spicy food and especially tamales de elote made by his mother, Carmen, who was originally from Chiapas.
    • Word of God revealed Chuy's to be shoes.
  • The triplets in Brave love pastries a lot.
  • Brother Bear: Like grizzly bears in real-life, the bears in the movie really love salmon. The sequel has Kenai and Koda also being fond of berries and roots (which are also part of a real-life grizzly bear's diet).
  • Despicable Me and Minions: The minions and their love for bananas. Agnes loves sweet things like candy, churros and ice cream.
  • Frozen (2013): Multiple:
    • Anna and Elsa share a love for chocolate. To the point that when they catch a whiff of it in the air, they make the same sniffing motion:
    Elsa: So....this is what a party looks like.
    Anna: It's warmer than I thought.
    Elsa: And what is that amazing smell?
    (the two sisters sniff the air together)
    Anna and Elsa: (dreamily) Chocolate! [They giggle in unison]
    • Sven, Kristoff's reindeer, loves carrots, often trying to get more of the carrot than Kristoff and on more than one occasion attempts to steal Olaf's nose.
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  • The narrator in Geoff notes that the title character has a "curious and unshakable love for beans".
  • Bobby in A Goofy Movie absolutely loves his "cheddar whizzy," to the point where he considers it an appropriate "fee" for his A/V expertise, will eat it straight from the aerosol can or from a massive blob in his hand, and has one with him in half the scenes he is in. The spray cheese is absent in the sequel... but he's equally eager about the "double cheesa" pizza he has at the end, and he helped his friends to immediately scarf down a big plate of nachos. Bobby really likes cheese.
  • Home: Captain Smek's is Footballs.
  • Isle of Dogs: Each of the five main dogs discuss their favorite meal.
    • Rex says that his favorite food is a double portion of Doggy Chop from the can mixed into a bowl of broken Puppy Snap treats with a vitamin crushed up into it. Though he does say that since his master wasn't rich, it wasn't a daily meal.
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    • King mentions that his favorite food is center cut Kobe ribeye, seared on the bone with salt and pepper. He says that it's his birthday supper every year.
    • Boss's favorite food is hot sausage, yakitori style. He mentions that the snack vendor at the baseball games often saves him one on game days.
    • Duke says that his favorite food was green tea ice cream, adding that he probably inherited a sweet tooth from his master.
    • Chief denies having a favorite food at first, saying that he's used to leftovers and garbage. When he tells the other dogs about when he was a pet, he reveals that his favorite food was actually hibachi chili (this was shortly after he bites a child and runs away), and he switches to Puppy Snaps when Atari offers him one.
    Chief: Crunchy... salty... supposedly, it cleans your teeth. This is my new favorite food.
  • The Jungle Book (1967): Baloo really loves many kinds of fruit, including pawpaw fruit, bananas, and grapes. He also likes eating ants at one point.
  • The Lion King: Timon and Pumbaa really love grubs (Timon likes the crunchy kind, and Pumbaa loves the slimy ones), and Simba eventually joins them in eating grubs.
  • Penguins of Madagascar: Cheezy Dibbles are the preferred snacks of penguins and octopi.
  • The Pirates! Band of Misfits: Pirate Captain and his crew all love ham.
  • Altivo the horse from The Road to El Dorado loves apples.
  • Maximus from Tangled loves apples too.
  • Woody Woodpecker: Woody loves peanut butter. To the point where Lance uses peanut butter snacks to bribe Woody into leaving his construction crew alone.
  • In Zootopia:
    • Clawhauser definitely has a Sweet Tooth, but he especially likes donuts.
    • Nick is very fond of blueberries, which is amusingly Truth in Television as the red fox is known for their fondness of blueberries, apples, and plums.

Films — Live-Action

  • The Amazing Spider-Man: Gwen Stacy herself is so fond of chocolate that she once wished she could live in a chocolate house, which tips her dad off when she claims to not want to come to dessert.
  • In the 2010 The A-Team, an angry Baracus can often be calmed by coconut curry with toast points, especially when prepared by Murdock.
  • The Blues Brothers: Jake's four fried chickens and Elwood's dry white toast. Elwood moreso, seeing as he seems to just carry white bread around with him everywhere if the scene where he tries out a toaster he happens to come across by making himself some toast is any indication.
  • In Branded to Kill, the antihero is obsessed with rice and constantly orders it, but it's the aroma that he loves.
  • Donny, one of the characters in Cornered!, was nicknamed "Donny Donut" since he's almost always chowing down on them. In the end, the killer force feeds him them until he chokes.
  • In Dick Tracy, Big Boy Caprice has a well-known fondness for walnuts, so much that finding walnut shells at a crime scene is proof enough for Tracy that he was involved in it.
  • The alien refugees of District 9 love their cat food. Another mentioned favorite is tire-rubber.
  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and Reese's Pieces.
  • Bubba and his "srimp" in Forrest Gump. Forrest himself loved ice cream.
  • Fright Night (1985). The vampire villain Jerry Dandrige likes apples. A lot, actually.
  • Ghostbusters (1984): Twinkies are considered Egon Spengler's favorite food thanks to a scene in which he uses a Twinkie to illustrate the amount of paranormal/supernatural activity in New York City. After Harold Ramis' death, some fans left Twinkies outside the fire station used as Ghostbusters HQ for both films.
    • Ghostbusters (2016): Abby loves wonton soup, of which the local takeout always skimps on the number.
  • In G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Duke really likes Dubble Bubble gum, and reluctantly gives his last piece to Breaker before the Paris chase scene begins. Breaker's love of the bubblegum is a carry-over from the comic character's trademark trait.
  • Harry Knuckles and bananas.
  • Jackie Brown: Ordell Robbie insists on screwdrivers.
  • James Bond:
  • In Jane Wants a Boyfriend, Jane's diet consists largely of grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • The Jungle Book (2016) has Baloo hankering for some honey, so much so that he tricks Mowgli into climbing a cliff to get him some. He and Mowgli even stack a lot of honeycombs into Baloo's cave for the bear to eat before "hibernation".
  • Pauly Bleeker of Juno and orange Tic-Tacs, his "only vice."
  • In Let Me In the main character Owen adores his now and later sweets. Comments by his mother indicates its the only thing he eats, he acts look buying them for his girlfriend is a grand romantic gesture,and when he runs away at the end of the film hes shown to have taken the time to buy some for the train journey.
  • Nereus from A Man Called Nereus loves raisins.
  • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark seems to have a thing for cheeseburgers. When freed from captivity by terrorists in the first Iron Man film, he demands Happy Hogan bring him to a press conference to announce he would no longer make weapons... and to get him a cheeseburger ("Cheeseburger first."). After Tony's funeral in Endgame, Happy is seen comforting his young daughter... who asks if they can get cheeseburgers together.
  • MirrorMask: Valentine is ready for dessert, but did not hog those cakes. The Sphinxes like books.
    Hungry. Still hungry.
  • Mystery Team: "Chocolate milk just tastes better than regular milk"
  • Napoleon Dynamite loves his tater tots.
  • Agent Sands from Once Upon a Time in Mexico loves his puerco pibil, and will order it in any restaurant that he comes to in Mexico. Sometimes he'll eat a dish of this that he considers too good, prompting him to go around back and shoot the cook. In one of the extras for the movie, the "10-Minute Cooking School," Robert Rodriguez actually lays down how to make it.
  • Marmalade for Paddington bear, just like in the books.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Captain Barbossa is frequently shown with an apple in hand. In the first movie, he claimed the first thing he would do once his curse was lifted was eat a whole bushel of apples. After his resurrection at the end of Dead Man's Chest, he finally eats a green apple after The Reveal.
  • In The Professional, Leon is frequently seen drinking milk. It's also symbolic as milk is meant to represent his wholesome and childlike personality in spite of being a hitman who kills people for a living.
  • The Proposition has Charlie Burns, eater of kangaroos.
  • Norman Bates in Psycho is often seen munching on candy corn, a habit created by Anthony Perkins for the character.
  • Shoot 'em Up: Mr. Smith hates a lot of things, but seems to really like carrots. This is largely part of an extended Bugs Bunny reference. It also makes sense in that he has no money to speak of, but can grow them in an abandoned greenhouse for next to nothing. He also makes a crack that they're "good for your vision," going toward his superhuman aiming skills.
  • In The Shape of Water, Col. Strickland loves cheap green candies and is seen popping them constantly. He even claims they are symbolic of his personality: plain and simple. The Fish Man also takes a liking to salted boiled eggs.
  • Karl from Sling Blade loves his "french-fried potaters."
  • Ted Brooks from Snow Dogs loves blue cheese. It's a trait he shares with his biological father Thunder Jack.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (2020):
    • Sonic's is Chili cheese dogs, as has become typical for the character. He tasted his first ones at the bar, since because the hot wings he originally ordered never came on time, he tried (and accordingly ate an entire basket of) chili dogs instead during his slow-motion run through the Bar Brawl.
    • Tom being a cop loves donuts. He is said to eat donuts everyday and revolves his life around donuts by not just eating them but treating them like toys or imaginary friends to talk to. Before learning Tom's name, Sonic dubs him "Donut Lord" due to this idiosyncrasy:
      Tom: "Why do you keep calling me 'Donut Lord'?"
      Sonic: "Because you talk to donuts, and you eat them when they get out of line."
  • In Switchback, Sheriff Olmstead's BLT sandwiches, which he made himself.
  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, in both the early 90's and 2014 franchises, share their cartoon counterparts' diet of mostly pizza.
  • Theodore Rex loves "COOKIES COOKIES COOKIES!"
  • In the Errol Flynn movie They Died with Their Boots On, George Armstrong Custer loves his onions.
  • Kendra and peanut butter in To the Bone. It's portrayed in a much less light-hearted way than a lot of examples because of her struggles with binge eating.
  • Twister: The entire storm chaser team: "STEAK AND EGGS!" Specifically, Jo's aunt's steak and eggs. And gravy, considered in-universe a separate food group.
  • In Two for the Road, Mark loves dem apples.
  • In Venom (2018), the symbiote's eventual food order evolves from "people" to "tater tots, chocolate, and people".
  • Garth's red rope licorice in Wayne's World and Wayne's World 2. He even built a licorice dispenser inside the Mirth Mobile.
  • Darryl Zero of The Zero Effect stockpiles of canned tuna, amongst several other strange food obsessions.
  • In Zodiac, the lead police officer loves animal crackers.
  • Zombieland — Tallahassee just wants a Twinkie. He eventually gets one.