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In 1964, Mattel created an educational talking toy called See N Say. See N Say is a line of educational kids talking toys where you point to the picture with the arrow and it would say different phrases. For example on, The Farmer Says, You would point to the cow, then you will pull a string (or sometimes a lever), The arrow in the center will spin as the announcer blurts "The Cow says, MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" or many other farm animals. In 1983, The Pull-Sting was discontinued and replaced with the lever and runs on batteries. Licensed characters were used like Snoopy Says, All about friend ship, Mickey's ABC was Mickey Mouse talking about the the letters of the alphabet, and so on.....

The latest versions of the toys are no longer mechanical, but are completely electronic. While this improves reliability, Some folks feel that it takes away the charm of the clockwork versions of the toy.


The TV Tropes Says.....

  • Cultural Cross-Reference: It was spoofed on Family Guy when Stewart Griffin played with the European version of See N Say The Farmer Says where the announcer blurts "The Cow says, Shazooo!" And Stewart Griffin remarks "It no certainly does not!"