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LEGO Power Miners is a LEGO Theme beginning in 2009 and concluding in 2010, revolving around a team of miners trying to prevent a large population of Rock Monsters from destroying the Earth.

In the first wave of sets, the Power Miners are sent underground to investigate seismic activities. There, they discover that native Rock Monsters, rather than eating their natural food source, have started eating Power Crystals that cause them to unleash these devastating earthquakes. The Power Miners set out to excavate these crystals to stop the Rock Monsters from eating them, but the mischievous Rock Monsters keep getting in their way. Eventually, the Power Miners face even larger Rock Monsters, including Tremorox, Geolix, and the legendary Crystal King.

In the second wave of sets, after their encounter with the Crystal King, the Power Miners descend even deeper into the Earth's crust and discover Lava Monsters, posing an even greater threat than the Rock Monsters due to their superheated bodies. The Power Miners continue excavating the crystals while using water to cool down the Lava Monsters to lessen their volatility.

LEGO Power Miners is often considered a Spiritual Successor to Rock Raiders. Compared to its predecessor, Power Miners has much less emphasis on individual characters and goes for a much more Lighter and Softer approach, especially with its goofy Rock Monsters. However, it is agreed that the set designs of Power Miners are far superior to the simple builds of Rock Raiders sets, even if the lime/orange color scheme is rather contested.

LEGO Power Miners contains examples of:

  • The Alcatraz: Lavatraz serves as an inescapable prison for Lava Monsters and is even named after the trope namer.
  • Alliterative Name: Power Miners takes after its predecessor with vehicle names like Mine Mech, Granite Grinder, Boulder Blaster, Cave Crusher, Magma Mech, and Claw Catcher.
  • Amusing Injuries: The Rock Monsters suffer comedic slapstick in the animated shorts.
  • Beneath the Earth: The entire setting of the theme takes place deep beneath the Earth's surface.
  • The Brute: Larger monsters like Geolix and Tremorox are the Rock Monsters' muscle; beefier versions of Sulfurix and Meltrox respectively.
  • The Cameo: Rock Monsters reappear in LEGO: The Adventures of Clutch Powers, LEGO Rock Band, and LEGO Battles: Ninjago, and Rex is an unlockable character in the latter. Rock Monsters were also intended to appear in LEGO Universe, with the smaller monsters being called "Rock Goblins" and larger monsters called "Rock Trolls" in the game files.
  • Chromosome Casting: Unlike its predecessor, there are no female characters in this line.
  • Convection, Schmonvection: Although the Power Miners have upgraded suits and armor for dealing with the Lava Monsters, their faces are still left largely exposed to the burning heat of magma beneath the Earth's crust... and no one gets burnt.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: The Rock Monsters, but especially the larger monsters who throw boulders or even their smaller rocky brethren at foes.
  • Drill Tank: Many of the Power Miners' vehicles, but especially the Thunder Driller, a large armored vehicle with an enormous drill.
  • Elaborate Underground Base: The Underground Mining Station and Lavatraz are the Power Miners' underground bases.
  • Family-Friendly Firearms: Most of the weapons in the 2010 wave of sets feature Water Guns. It makes more sense when you consider they're fighting Lava Monsters.
  • Faux Shadow: Doc's online bio mentioned something about a portal. It was expected that this was foreshadowing the source of the Rock Monsters... but nope, it was never mentioned again.
  • Feed It a Bomb: Advertisements show the Miners swiping Rock Monsters' power crystals while throwing dynamite into their mouths to cause them to suffer Non-Fatal Explosions. Indeed, the Rock Monster figures have enough space in them to fit a dynamite piece.
  • Humongous Mecha: The Magma Mech is the Power Miners' largest mech, easily towering over their smaller Mine Mech.
  • Large and in Charge: The Crystal King is the largest of all Rock Monsters and the largest creature in general in the theme.
  • Lighter and Softer: Compared to its predecessor, Rock Raiders, which was a surprisingly dark and gritty LEGO theme about stranded space miners trying to survive on a Death World long enough to repair their spaceship and return home. While Power Miners has a rather high-stakes plot with the Power Miners hurrying to stop Rock Monsters from destroying the Earth's surface, it is never treated with any serious gravitas. The Power Miners Rock Monsters are goofy, comical villains constantly subjected to Amusing Injuries by the Power Miners, unlike the Rock Raiders Rock Monsters that are non-malicious but terrifying enough to make the Rock Raiders flee in panic. While Rock Raiders sets had a Used Future industrial vibe with dark grey and brown, Power Miners sets are much more vibrant with lime green and orange.
  • Living Lava: The Lava Monsters are living creatures made of magma.
  • Meaningful Name: Brains is the smartest member of the Power Miners.
  • Mineral MacGuffin: The Power Miners' goal is to collect all the power crystals to stop the Rock Monsters from eating them.
  • Mini-Mecha: The Mine Mech is a small Power Miners mech similar in size to an Aliens power-loader.
  • Monster Lord: The Crystal King is the largest of all Rock Monsters. Though official sources conflict as to whether he's the ruler of all Rock Monsters or just the Sulfurix, which it shares its colors with.
  • No Name Given:
    • Aside from the four named Power Miners characters, there are a few generic miners who aren't named.
    • Double Subversion with the Crystal King. Initially, he was named RockRage in his online bio, but the name was later redacted.
  • Non-Malicious Monster: The Rock Monsters are more mischievous rather than actively malicious.
  • Obliviously Evil: The Rock Monsters are likely unaware that eating the crystals causes devastating earthquakes on the well-populated planet surface.
  • Phlebotinum Muncher: The Rock Monsters and Lava Monsters eat power crystals and gain different powers from them, depending on the monster.
  • Power Crystal: When eaten by Rock Monsters, a power crystal energizes them so much that they cause earthquakes.
  • Punny Name:
    • Most of the Rock Monsters and Lava Monsters have rock- or lava-based puns for names. For instance, Tremorox and Eruptorr.
    • Lavatraz. It's a Lava Monster prison. Get it?
  • Red Is Violent: Meltrox, the red Rock Monsters, are the most angry and destructive type who always want to fight.
  • Rock Monster: Rock Monsters are depicted as short, stocky rock creatures that are mischievous and, when eating Power Crystals, get so hyped up that they send out seismic vibrations and cause earthquakes on the surface. Older Rock Monsters tend to be larger, and the oldest and largest known Rock Monster is the Crystal King.
  • Stealth Sequel: LEGO Atlantis acts as one for Power Miners. After working with the Power Miners, Brains joins the ATLANTIS crew. This is the only indication that Atlantis takes place in the same continuity as Power Miners.
  • This Is a Drill: The Power Miners are known to weaponize their Drill Tanks' drills against the Rock Monsters.
  • Tunnel King: The Power Miners are expert miners and tunnelers, which is why they are deployed to investigate the seismic activities caused by Rock Monsters.