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Big Hair, Don't Care!

Hairdorables is a series of Blind Bag dolls (like Shopkins) focused around twelve main characters available in "surprise" unboxing packaging.

The line focuses on Noah, a twelve-year old host of her own YouTube Channel, and her various friends who participate together on a vlog where they show off their unique talents and hobbies. The backstory is that, when Noah was trying to show how to do a side-braid on her then-small channel, she accidentally stumbled over the the words "hair" and "adorable," making them into a single word. Her small video became a viral sensation, people suggested she call her channel that, and she decided to keep the word as her "brand" and later invited her friends to be part of the channel as well.

The line launched in early Fall 2018 with twelve characters (which later expanded), as well as a vlog series on YouTube where characters' personalities are expanded with animated videos and toy-play videos (the latter serving to both show the purchasable dolls off as well). The last series, Series Six, was released in 2022.

Hairdorables contains examples of:

  • Action Figure File Card: The first waves of the dolls came with bio cards as one of the surprises with the doll; these listed facts their pets, favorite hairstyles and colors, birthdays, and other details.
  • All Animals Are Domesticated: Invoked in the pets. While domesticated foxes are highly possible, zebras and lions rarely can be. Zebras are especially hard to domesticate.
  • All Girls Like Ponies:
    • Willow's Series One theme focuses on Unicorns, and she explicitly likes them.
    • In the pets, Willow and Brit have ponies.
  • Alliterative Name:
    • Sallee's full name is Sallee Streaks.
    • In the toys, several releases are named this way, such as Kurly Kat, Star Struck Neila, Whimsical Willow, Dee Dee Dorable, Bella Bows, and Bella Bunerina.
    • All the Pets in the Series One Pet releases have alliterative names.
  • Ambiguously Brown: The tan and brown characters have no given racial background. Kali is possibly black given her natural curls. Only Skylar (and her little sister, Marisol) is explicitly stated to be of Hawaiian background.
  • Amazing Technicolor Wildlife: The girls' pets are in colors such as green, purple, and pink.
  • Animal Lover: Kat loves all kinds of pets and animals.
  • Animal-Eared Headband: Kat frequently has cat-eared or other animal-themed headbands in releases.
  • Blithe Spirit: Rayne is something of one; her motto is "No rain, no rainbows!" and in 'It's Rayning Cats and Dogs' she says that "we're all just particles bouncing off each other."
  • Character Blog: In universe, the characters have an animated and toy-play series on YouTube that expands on the characterization; some episodes are framed like vlogs in front of a camera, while others are closer to short episodes and take place in various locations.
  • Coordinated Clothes: The Shortcuts line has the main character's younger sisters imitating the first release Signature outfit of her older sister.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Noah has blue hair and blue eyes.
  • Everything's Better with Rainbows: Rayne's entire theme; she even states they are her favorite thing. Also invoked in her hair colors. While other characters have one or two dominant hair colors, she has four: a lavender base with three stripes of pink, yellow, and blue respectively in all her releases.
  • Everything's Better with Sparkles: Invoked on the harder to find Rare and Ultra Rare releases.
    • Royal Bella has shimmery thread on her performance dress and glitter on her crown.
    • Super Neila has tinsel in her hair, iridescent fabric on her dress, and a metallic bodysuit under her clothes.
    • Rayne Showers has glitter on her glasses and umbrella, shimmers in her dress, and metallic tinsel in her hair. She even has a shimmery skin tone to go with the bodysuit.
    • Harmonic Harmony has glitter on her clothes, is the first doll with different colored legs (to invoke tights), and has two color changing accessories. She also has a silver stand and comb.
    • Sea Willow has a shimmer on her skin along with unique face makeup, glitter on her clothes, and two color changing accessories. She also comes with a gold stand and comb.
    • Ultimate Maya has glitter on her molded hair, tinsel and gold "poptails", metallic clothing (with an imbedded gem) and two accessories. She is also the only one with a face mask.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Several versions of the characters come with hairstyles in dual pigtails. Even more emphasized in the Shortcuts Little Sisters, who all have molded hair that resembles high ponytails and include pop-in ponytails.
  • Gratuitous Animal Sidekick: As of the Pets release, every character has a signature pet.
  • Green-Skinned Space Babe: Neila's Series One Chaser, Super Neila, invokes this in a pre-teen, wholesome style; she is the only character who's been released with dramatically differently colored skin.
  • Hairstyle Inertia: Averted: Not only do the styles frequently change per doll, but Noah in her first Vlog shows that she has changed hairstyles frequently, including an embarrassing bowl cut.
  • I Come in Peace: Neila states this both in her introductory video and in "Sleepover" when the girls are having an extraterrestrial encounter. With Noah's skateboard.
  • Making a Spectacle of Yourself: Several character variations have uniquely styled glasses according to theme of the character or outfit. For example in Series One, Dee Dee's are designed to look like licorice candy, Sallee's have paintbrushes on the side, Noah's are tropically themed, and Kali and Neila have eye visors (to invoke coding and space, respectively).
  • My Nayme Is: It's spelled Sallee, not Sally.
  • Passionate Sports Girl: Brit plays any and all sports; all her releases invoke her sporty nature, even the fancy dresses.
  • Pink Means Feminine: Many characters wear pink clothes, have pink accessories, and three have pink hair: Kat (mixed with dark blonde) Dee Dee (on one half), and Willow—The Fashionista—has pale pastel pink hair.
  • Portmantitle: The name of the toyline combines the words "hair" and "adorable".
  • Punny Name: Invoked in doll version names. Examples are everywhere but include:
    • Kat-Walk (catwalk) Kat N' Dogs (cats and dogs)
    • Sky-Lites (highlights)
    • Bella Bunerina both has a ballerina theme and her hair in a curly bun.
    • Rayne Bow (rainbow) and Rayne Showers (rain showers)
    • InstaNoah (Instagram)
  • Purely Aesthetic Glasses: While the characters may have variations with glasses, it appears that none of them need them and can just as easily see with or without them. Zigzagged with Rayne; in the animated vlogs she always wears them, but does not have them in all her releases.
  • Rare Random Drop: The harder to find Rare and Ultra Rare dolls in each series; Rares are about one in every forty packages, while Ultra Rare are only one in every four hundred packages.
  • Rainbow Lite: Rayne's "thing" is rainbows; however, in her hair and items, this is only represented with pink (in place of red), yellow, and blue.
  • Sixth Ranger: The fourth series added three new characters to the twelve-character lineup: Emily (a casually fashionable east Asian Character), Phoebe (a movie buff), and Saige (a gardener and nature lover). They were only in three lines before the brand was terminated and, since the web series was no longer adding episodes and the brand no longer included characterization cards with dolls, the three do not have the depth of characterization like the other twelve characters.
  • She Is All Grown Up: The Hairmazing line, which reimagines the characters as teens with "grown up"/"glow up" styles and outfits resembling runway style fashions. They're also given multi-jointed bodies and high heeled feet like Monster High or Ever After High dolls.
  • Slumber Party: Series Three has a Slumber Party sub-line, where nine of the twelve main characters come dressed in sleep- and lounge-wear; the background for all dolls is a slumber party layout.
  • Spear Counterpart: The HairDUDEables, male friends of the main characters, which each have brushable (if short) hair. They originally came with one of the girls and in Series Three came individually.
  • Shout-Out: Kali's virtual assistant, Issac, is in an apple-shaped device.
  • Super-Deformed: The dolls have large heads with large eyes, and small bodies. This extends to their pets.
  • Supreme Chef: Dee Dee is skilled at baking and candy making at about twelve years old, and her entire theme is candy and cooking.
  • Team Chef: Dee Dee is a skilled chef who specializes in baking.
  • Technicolor Eyes: Most characters have brightly or unnaturally colored eyes.
  • Tutu Fancy: Series One Bella's versions include tutu-themed ballet outfits.
  • Uncanny Family Resemblance: The Shortcuts Line introduces the little sisters of the main characters; they all have the same skin tones and eye colors, and many have the same base hair colors or an inversion (e.g. Sallee's sister Violet has, instead of white hair with a blue streak, blue hair with a white streak).
  • Uncatty Resemblance: All the pets match their owner, even going so far as to have or fur/skin colors that match the character and the same rooted hair colors—in the same styles. Even if it's reather implausible (Noah's dog, Lemon, has long curly ponytails behind his ears). Zigzagged with Neila's pet fox, Comet: she doesn't resemble either of her signature looks, but does resemble Neila's Series One Rare chaser, Super Neila.
  • World of Technicolor Hair: The characters have both natural and unnatural hair colors such as pink, blue, white, green, rainbow, and more. Even the four characters with natural base hair colors—Brit, Bella, Skylar, and Kat—almost always have streaks of unnatural colors in their hair.