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Bratzillaz is a spinoff of the Bratz toyline. The Bratzillaz dolls are witches with special powers that make each character unique.

The cast consists of: Yasmina Clairvoya, Cloetta Spelletta , Meygana Broomstix, Sashabella Paws, Jade J'Adore, Fianna Fins, Vampelina, Victoria Antique, Illiana Honesty, Angelica Sound, and Carolina Past. Several of the characters are cousins to the Bratz characters.

The main dolls all come with a broom hair brush and most come with personal witch mark symbol. Some dolls have with a spell scroll and a doll stand. There are pet toys that are sold seperatedly in some countries but come pack-in with the first editions in others. There is also a Basic line of cheaper dolls that aren't articulate like the main dolls and have painted on eyes, rather than glass ones.

There was a short-lived web-cartoon based off Bratzillaz. Nine episodes were produced for season 1 in 2012. Season 2 was set to premiere in 2013, with one episode ("Fashion Bites") being leaked, however season 2 was never released due to the hiatus that Bratz was set to go through the following year. There were a short series of videos about the Witchy Princesses' called Witchy Princess Adventure that aired in summer 2013, but they're not a part of the Bratzillaz web-series.


In 2013 the line was renamed renamed Bratzillaz: House Of Witchez before becoming House of Witchez. Bratzillaz was discontinued in 2014 due to MGA wanting to reinvent the Bratz brand. The official website closed in 2016.

Bratzillaz provides examples of:

  • Ambiguously Brown: Sashabella Paws... assuming she's even human anymore, with those feline eyes.
  • Augmented Reality: The first edition dolls come with Character Cards that, when held up to a webcam, show a virtual doll animation and character video.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Inverted in Bratzillaz- the Toola Twins steal a crystal ball capable of telling the immediate future, to become school newspaper reporters. They get caught, but despite having the police there, the pair are instead punished with janitorial duty rather than being arrested.
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  • Familiar: The pets are treated this way.
  • Non-Indicative Name: No, they have nothing to do with Godzilla.
  • Odd Name Out:
    • Jade's given name is the shortest by far and it also doesn't end in "a". Therefore she also shares the exact same name as her cousin.
    • Vampelina has One Name Only.
  • Only One Female Mold: Like with the main dolls, but to their credit though, Bratzillaz got entirely new molds with more articulation and totally different faces (to the regular Bratz- to the point they barely resemble their "cousins") with inset eyes. Even though all 5 use the same body, the inset eyes are unique.
  • Only One Name: Vampelina is the Odd Name Out by only having one name.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: Vampelina looks like a vampire and has a pet bat, but isn't actually a vampire.
  • Our Zombies Are Different: The zombies seen in Bratzillaz fall apart like rotting corpses, but have a professional basketball team.
  • Parental Bonus: The name of a blink and you'll miss it bakery in the Bratzillaz webisode Midnight Beach was "Creepy Pastry", likely a nod to the internet meme "creepypasta".
  • Power Dyes Your Hair: The character's hair changes colour when they say an incantation.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Vampelina's magic is that she can see in the dark- the visual effect used is similar to Riddick's eyeshine.
    • Vampelina also has a Brooklyn accent
    • Fianna Fins has a shout which can clear the skies.
    • The character bios on the Bratzillaz website list favorite movies- all 5 girls have actual movie titles instead of something made up.
    • Hmm, could Jade J'Adore's heart-shaped pupils be a subtle reference to one of the endings of a recent freeware game? Given the subtle horror theme of Bratzillaz...
  • Unlimited Wardrobe:
    • Bratzillaz averts this, for the most part- the dolls have theme clothing centered around witches and goth style and tend to get longer skirts and less bare skin. They have high heels, albeit boots this time. Meygana Broomstix has an exposed midriff, but her look borders so much on "steampunk mechanic" that one has to wonder if she isn't a subtle Shout Out to Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist.
    • "Midnight Beach" is a skimpy swimwear line... but the dolls themselves are cast in glow in the dark plastic. Logically, dressing them in limited clothing makes sense otherwise the gimmick wouldn't work as well. Though come to think of it, the ages of the Bratzillaz cast has never been said, so they may very well be adult age.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: The Bratzillaz characters are actually not the Bratz characters. They're their cousins.
  • Toyless Toyline Character: Levitor, Headmistress Magika, the Toola Twins, Igneus, Messieur LeTrick, and Tona Toola don't have dolls.

Alternative Title(s): House Of Witchez